100 Favorite Dishes, No. 81: The Toddfather at Cattleack Barbecue

Catherine Downes
To prepare for this fall's Best of Dallas® 2014 issue, we're counting down (in no particular order) our 100 Favorite Dishes. If there's a dish you think we need to try, leave it in the comments, or email me.

I don't typically order sandwiches from barbecue restaurants. I'd rather enjoy the meat on its own, without competing flavors or textures getting in the way. A pitmaster puts a lot of time into smoking brisket until a hardened crust forms around meat that is achingly tender and fat that is perfectly rendered. Why mess that up with pulled pork, sausages, bread, sauce and other distractions?


Because when a sandwich is built like the Toddfather, it somehow enhances the meat rather than distract or detract from it. Todd David's brisket at Cattleack Barbecue is destination worthy all on its own, but fold some pulled pork into the mix along with his brilliant house-made sausages and you've got a holy trinity, a great trifecta of smoked meat generously tucked inside a fresh warm bun. If it sounds like a lot of fat and heavy flavors, it is. Do not take the Toddfather lightly. But a small container of sweet and crunchy coleslaw will help cut through the richness.

You can get this thing done. And if you can't just tuck the remainder under your enemy's sheets.

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No. 93: Trompo Tacos at Bachman Lake
No. 92: Fish and Chips at 20 Feet
No. 91: Canelés at Village Baking Co.
No. 90: Banh Mi from La Me
No. 88: The Burgers at Off-Site Kitchen
No. 87: The White Album at Spoon
No. 86: Ramen at Tei An
No. 85: Tacos at Revolver Taco
No. 84: Stuffed Chicken Wings at Sakhuu
No. 83: Korean Fried Chicken at Bonchon
No. 82: Grilled Branzino at Tei Tei Robata

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Cattleack Barbeque

13628 Gamma Rd, Dallas, TX

Category: Restaurant

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God that brisket is good


There is no way that sandwich is better than the barbecue sandwich at Maple and Motor. Please explain yourself. I will say that I have not tried this sandwich but I can look and see it doesn't seem to compare.


@username.neil Let me explain. You have not tried the Toddfather but are quick to assume that because it is not loaded with flavor masking crap fillers that is not up to par with the slop you have been shoving into your piehole. 

I am a frequent patron of Cattleack BBQ and often get the Toddfather sandwich due to it not having said flavor masking fillers. 

The Toddfather is simple. Perfectly smoked brisket with a bark that should be bagged and sold in stores like pork skins, succulent pulled pork that is moist, full of flavor and texture, add a sausage that has been blended onsite to ensure the balance of smoke is mixed with the subtle heat of pepper to perfection. They delicately lay that perfectly cooked carcass between a bun. Now, this bun is almost perfect. It is thick but not dense. It is just right to hold it all together without interfering with the texture and flavor of the meat.

They offer on the side to accompany the "sandwich of life", their vinegar based slaw to put on top if one chooses. BBQ sauce is available if you are in the mood to have something dripping down your forearm as you experience sandwich nirvana.

So, I offer a different question: Why the hell is this not in the top 10?


@retsehc @username.neil I just dined at a 5 star restaurant last night so you are already incorrectly making assumptions about my palette, proudly displaying your own ignorance.  That is, however, a good description and it sounds tasty. You ask why it is not in the top 10? That's because these dishes are in no particular order Sherlock.  : )

Oh yea... and the brisket sandwich at Maple and motor, which clearly you have not tried, is smoked at Slow Bone which is arguably the best brisket in DFW and it needs absolutely no barbecue sauce because it's that good. You may want to check that out and I will go check out the toddfather (stupidest name i've ever heard i must say) Also truly impressive meals usually focus on one main ingredient, rather than piling everything in the store on one bun, but nevertheless I will go try it based on your rave reviews and I know who to complain to if I don't like it. lol


I forgot to mention that Maple and Motor is also arguably the best burger place in DFW (i actually think their burger is good but i've had better but this brisket sandwich is amazing) In Waxahachie there is a small place called Oma's Jiffy Burger which has the best diner style burgers, beating or matching even the best in DFW. If you are ever down that way then check it out. The only way to get a better burger is a go to a fine dining establishment and be sure to add foie gras. 
Out of this 100 best list I have already tried about 20 dishes so I have every intention of investigating and verifying your claim. To be honest some dishes were a bit disappointing but some were well taken. 

Good day sir.... I SAID GOOD DAY SIR  : )


"I just dined at a 5 star restaurant last night" -  says nothing about palette, yet provides insight to your foolish spending habits. 
"That's because these dishes are in no particular order Sherlock." - yet it states: "No. 81: The Toddfather at Cattleack Barbecue"  F to the U Watson. : ) It is called derision.
"toddfather (stupidest name i've ever heard i must say)" - and this coming from username.neil... OK.
"I will go try it based on your rave reviews and I know who to complain to if I don't like it." - Let the Games Begin! 

I will gladly host you and buy you the TODDFATHER if you reciprocate with the Flat-Top Brisket sandwich if they hold the MLT. I will even throw in a free beer since yours is overpriced. 
I hath thrown down the proverbial gauntlet. 


@retsehc @username.neil I forgot to say I come to dallas every Saturday so i would honestly be happy to take the challenge. I may go try it this Saturday, with or without you. 

I am not as frugal as you so I don't mind the price difference although a corona with my sandwich sounds pretty good. You can't declare a sandwich overpriced before having tried it, that would be a bit premature.


@retsehc @username.neil LOL
My name, username.neil is ironic and comedic had you a sense of humor you would surely agree. Also if I was selling a product i would not use this name because i'm not that dumb. This username is for myself only so how in any way does this compare? It clearly does not. 
Your second comment about the order of the dishes honestly does not even make sense to me. Please explain what you mean because I have no idea. The dishes are not in order of how good they are, just because they have numbers means nothing.. so....?
So you assume that no 5 star restaurant is worth the money? That's a ridiculous statement if ever i've heard one although i will agree it's no guarantee of my palette. So as you said "this slop i've been shoving into my piehole" that happens to come from a 5 star restaurant that you assume is terrible despite having any data to support this argument. Last week I went to Tei-An so would you consider that slop? I would not. Overpriced maybe but I'm paying for the ambience essentially. These cheap restaurants have no atmosphere.
The MLT is part of the sandwich so why would you take that off?  Oh just to prove some sort of deluded point? I would probably still win but I do not allow that stipulation. I will gladly reciprocate although sandwiches must be eaten as they are. The MLT cuts through the fattiness of the brisket so it's complimentary in my opinion. 
If we are going to see each other in person then perhaps we should conduct ourselves more civilly to avoid it from morphing from competition to confrontation. lol
It seems i have found someone even more opinionated than myself.

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