The Grand Re-Opening of Pecan Lodge (Video)

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Inside the New Pecan Lodge from Voice Media Group on Vimeo.

After rising to barbecue fame in the Dallas Farmers Market's Shed 2, Pecan Lodge finally moved into its new space in Deep Ellum last week, and brought its trademark line and trusty smoker with it.

We were there to capture the smoky chaos. Read more about their move here.

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Slick, I like the video. Nice job DO

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

This should have been filmed with hat cam!  


That's exactly what "The Deep" needs!  The Deep, that stills makes me laugh and roll around; who the f+ck calls Deep Ellum, The Deep? Hha  a hha hhhahhahh!!!!!!!!!!

Who calls it The Deep?

people who:

-wear fedora's, wear worn blazers, hipsters, patio trolls, tollways trash, soccer mom's, people who wear a hat backwards, people who have those dumb flat billed hats, brah's, people who lease "Bimmers", people that have a California accent that were raised here, people who care about status, and finally, folks who wear Affliction and/or Ed Hardy tshirts that "think they swole". 

ps-And a special shout out to all the suburbanite's and yuppies who crammed the Westin pool in Frisco this weekend, where my soul was damaged by "look who that is" and fake boobs.  Thank you. 


@kergo1spaceship  Was right there with you til you got to fake boobs Kergs...nothing wrong with somebody else's old ladie's fake hammers! NOTHING!


Lol. The Derp


@Joshstruckoutagain @kergo1spaceship

problem was, Broken, that these beasts could speak...and that was the end of that!   Also. most of em were northwest of two fiddy.


fake hammers "is" ok, but not if you have to look OVER the paunchy stomach, and hail ridden thighs. 

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