La Banqueta, One of Dallas' Best Taquerías, Is Open Again in East Dallas

It's suadero time.
After more than nine months since the closure its Bryan Street location, La Banqueta, one of Dallas' best taquerías, is open for business at its new location just a few blocks around the corner on Carroll Avenue. For taco enthusiasts, the wait has been a long one.

Last August, Alberto Neri announced he would be relocating the flagship location of his taquería chain as soon as the replacement space was ready for business. But then the original location unexpectedly closed, and was quickly replaced by Taquería Conin. It would be seven months before the new location would open. There was a hole in the taco-time continuum.

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While the move was not painless for Neri, his customers should be all the better for it. The first location was about the size of a walk-in refrigerator, with seating for five along a narrow counter on one wall. It was so small customers had to shuffle every time the door opened and another customer came in or left, and everyone left smelling like a taquero. It was awesome, but not very practical.

The new spot has plenty of seating and a wide open kitchen so you can watch the taqueros griddle meat and run water through intestines like a garden hose. Maybe you'll even be able to watch them make that green sauce with a closely guarded recipe. Neri can't keep his secret forever.

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Had it for dinner tonight. Huge upgrade over the old place and delicious as ever. So happy it's back


Is this in the old Chapman Chili Company spot?  I miss that place :(


If anyone read my posts from about 10 days ago, I informed all here of the impending re-birth and opening of the original Bryan Street La Banqueta to around the corner on Carroll Avenue.


It's been open five minutes away on Gaston across the street from Cigarz and The Goat this entire time. This really isn't breaking news. If you wanted their tacos they've been right there.

scott.reitz moderator

@P1Gunter  I've never been a fan of the Gaston location. I don't think it's as good as the old Bryan St. or Arlington or Fort Worth locations.  Breaking or not, this is happy news.

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