After Scotch and Sausage, More Restaurant Ideas Allowed by Awesome Alliteration

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Looks lovely
If you've driven down Oak Lawn Avenue recently, you might have noticed a new restaurant taking shape. The exterior is now-ubiquitous horizontal wood, and it encases what appears to be some serious patio potential. Most recently, a sign was hoisted into place above the glass front door. Scotch and Sausage, it reads.

I love Scotch, especially the peaty, smoky versions that can make the whole room that you're drinking it in smell like damp, smoldering wood. I happen to like sausages, too. But in all my years of eating and drinking on this planet I have never held a bratwurst in one hand, and a glass of Talisker neat in the other. This is going to change soon.

I'll be there. For one, I could throw a scotch glass from my desk to this place. For another, Scotch and Sausage proves alliteration's usefulness in drafting new restaurant ideas.

Here are some more I expect to see soon.

Schnapps and Schnitzel
There will be polka. There will be plenty of schnapps and schnitzel, too. When you're not sipping brandy from tiny glasses you'll be pulling hard on beer from a giant glass boot. Dreaming of a trip to Bavaria? Loose yourself in the velvety folds of pounded veal here instead.

Limoncello and Lardo
This idea has real legs because the list of alliterative examples of charcuterie and Italian cordials and liquor is almost endless. Grappa and guanciale? Campari and capicola? Sambuca and sopprassata? Maraschino and mortadella? And for those who don't want so much bite, bresaola and Borolo: we'll put that on the menu too.

Proof and Pantry
No, that's no good.

Lamb and Lager
Picture a sizable courtyard, plenty of seating, and two fountains capped in a bubbling head of beer foam. Betwixt the froth a lamb spins over burning embers and diners are handed plates made of lavash. Use the bread like a mitt and grab your own meal from the spit. Drink from the fountains with gusto.

Whiskey and Watercress
For the ultimate in your low-carbohydrate needs, Whiskey and Watercress will boast a sleek and modern dining room and appeal to the most discerning of roughage enthusiast. Tagline: "Reinventing the salad shooter."

Popsicles 'n Prozac
Moonshine and Monks
Moonshine and Miley Cyrus
Nuggets and Nordic Tracks
Deer and Dramamine
Listerine and Lamb
Orange Juice and Orange Chicken
Fanta and Falcon
Budweiser and Bisque
Raisin Juice and Raisin' Cain's
Pepsi and Pickles
Pepsi and Penis (Bull)
Snake and Sprite
Burgers and Bob Dole

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TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

Salmonella and Sushi?

Listeria and Lager?

E. Coli and Edamame?

Myrna.Minkoff-Katz topcommenter

Vodka and Vittles?

Beer and Bagels?

Schnapps and Schnitzel? 


It must be awfully boring at the office today, Scott. Ya think?


just filling up space today Scott?

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