The Ginger Man Is Open in Lakewood, with a Patio We'd Like to Call Home

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Two weekends ago I was walking up La Vista Drive after a particularly egregious Yumilicious session (strawberry tart, graham cracker crumbs, chocolate chips) when I noticed the Ginger Man's balcony was packed with beer swillers. The bar was having its grand opening, and the place was mobbed. My stomach was already packed with frozen dairy so I took a pass, but I did make it a point to check the place out over the holiday weekend.

If you're used to the Uptown location, built into an old house with a quaint front porch, this new location will take some getting used to. You can still smell fresh paint when you walk through the door when you want that old bar smell, and everything has a sheen of newness.

The space is interesting, though. There's a large, angular room for the downstairs bar area and scores of taps jut out from a copper backed wall, and toward the dartboards in the back there's a staircase that leads up to the outdoor patio.

Actually, it feels a little bit more like an outdoor living room. Part of the space is carpeted and there are a number of leather sofas and tables. On a cool evening, with the lights of the Lakewood Theater glowing across the street, I'm guessing this will be a pretty nice place for a beer or three.

Food, on the other hand, is minimalistic, just like the other Ginger Man pubs. They've got a number of sandwiches and flatbreads that I'll classify as utilitarian bar food. Like this chicken and cranberry made on pale-colored bread, with deli roasted chicken, cheese and a cranberry spread that's as sweet as jelly. No fries are available, just chips, so screw it: Can I get another Lakewood Temptress please?

The balcony patio that's also a living room.


Chicken and cranberry

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The Ginger Man Lakewood

6341 La Vista Drive, Dallas / Fort Worth, TX

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The best part is that craptastic barely edible "Italian" restaurant Angelo's is gone.


Maybe a liberal coating of stout beer on all the new stuff to help if get that patina that we like at the Boll Street location. The other place in Shops at Legacy BEGS to have that done too! Sooo sterile ! 


The tables outside on the covered patio, upstairs, are bizarre and not very comfortable. Designed for high turnover?


Haven't been in yet myself, looks a little corporate-concepty. Though I can't imagine the amount of renovation it took to change it from Angelo's, which was already an awkward space. The appeal to a few of of the Gingerman's is they feel like they've always existed in their place, like the Uptown Dallas. I wonder if this will achieve the same?


Everything at the shops of legacy feels sterile


And people who go to the shops at legacy go there for that very reason.

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