Twisted Root Is Now Serving a Milk Shake with Dude, Sweet Chocolate's Tub of Love and Bacon

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Twisted Root's Big Fat Elvis
We love it when two of our favorite things find each other amidst all the chaos and clutter in life to forge a happy union of any shape or form. Especially if it's bacon and homemade custard. Or bacon and peanuts. Or bacon and anything. We're really open here.

That's why we were giddy with the recent announcement from Katherine Clapner of Dude, Sweet Chocolate and Jason Boso of Twisted Root. These two Dallas burger/dessert pioneers made an ice cream baby with bacon and chocolate.

Twisted Root is serving the new concoction called the Fat Elvis at all stores in North Texas. It starts with 12-ounces of Twisted Root's homemade vanilla custard swirled with Dude's Tub of Love, which is a Italian pure hazelnut spread made with 85-percent extra dark chocolate. That's just the base. Then, they add peanut butter and banana, plus two scoops of Twisted Root's "roasted peanut and bacon mixture."

The Big Fat Elvis costs $6.99 and is enough for two people, or one Elvis of the latter years. The happy years. You can now buy happiness at any Twisted Root location. It's waiting for you.

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