FT33's Matt McCallister Is Among America's Best New Chefs, Says Food and Wine

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Dana Cowin, the editor of Food and Wine is sharing some big knowledge lately via Twitter. My thought would have been a hefty squeeze of lemon juice would help overcome getting slimed by eel, but apparently the eau d'eel is a bit more sturdy. Last I checked she was scrubbing away with toothpaste.

Before the eel incident, though, Cowin was tweeting up a storm about chefs across the country. Her magazine had just released its best new chefs list, and it was very kind to Texas.

Matt McCallister has been selected for this year's Best New Chefs in America list, for his work at FT33. He joins 12 other chef and chef teams with the honor.

McCallister may be new to Food and Wine but he's not new to the Dallas locals who have followed his career progression, which is every bit as impressive as this recent honor. It was only four years ago, in an interview with the Observer, that McCallister admitted that he essentially had no kitchen experience. "But my eagerness, I think, makes up for that," he said, displaying a lack of confidence that seems to have vanished.

With in a few years McCallister was running his own kitchen at since-closed Campo in Oak Cliff, and not long after that he had the investors he needed for FT33.

Cowin's list was kind to Texas overall. Justin Yu of Oxheart in Houston and Paul Qui of Qui in Austin both made the cut.

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