Cane Rosso White Rock Looks To Incite Hysteria this Tuesday with $1 Pizza Night

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Cane Rosso

Every now and then Cane Rosso owner Jay Jerrier likes to throw a cog in the wheel. Sometimes by coming out against ranch dressing, other times it's throwing an anniversary party where his certified Neapolitan pizza costs just one little dollar.

There will be crazy. Promise.

Jerrier has done this before. For the past several years he has offered dollar pizza at his original Deep Ellum spot and the lines have snaked down the sidewalk. Expect a similar scene tonight, Tax Man Night, as they celebrate the one-year anniversary of the Cane Rosso White Rock location.

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"Technically it (the anniversary date) was 4/22, but we can't wait to celebrate and like everyone else we hate taxes, so we decided to celebrate early on Tuesday, 4/15," announces the Facebook page.

This offer is only good on the 15th, only at the White Rock location from 5 to 10 p.m. Diners can order focaccia, marinara or Margherita pizza for only $1. This is for dine-in only, no to-go orders (leave your complaints below). Their only request is you "tip your servers like normal human beings."

Let the feast begin.

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Il Cane Rosso

7328 Gaston Ave., Dallas, TX

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Middle of the pizza at CR is always soggy, big crowds or no. And I've been to both locations multiple times. I don't get the appeal. DO is normally spot on for good restaurants. Not so with this one.


Finally tried the greatness of CR last week over here in FTW, and friends if you haven't been to one, don't walk! 

Bits are being done on the beer list though, none of the Big 3 products anywhere in that joint..that's pretty cool!


Was at CR early yesterday evening; a very long line, but if you sat at the bar, no wait.

The pizzas coming out of the oven were sloppy......not enough oven time to cook the dough and get property bubbling/char !

The wait staff handled the crowd early evening the place was mobbed; all tables including outdoors were taken with people waiting.


@CitizenKane I was there at 6 last night and also sat at the bar.  Had the same thought about the crust, mine could have used more oven time.  Still good though.

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