Palapas, Your New Mexican Seafood Restaurant, Is Now Open on Greenville

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The view from the bar
If you drive up or down Lower Greenville Avenue with any frequency, you've likely noticed Palapas Seafood Bar slowly taking shape next to a tire shop over the past few months. Construction workers gutted the place last fall and dug deep holes to set a patio out front. They laid palms for a thatch roof and installed windows that could open wide and invite a cooling breeze.

Then they didn't do much of anything. The restaurant sat dormant for weeks until it finally opened its windows and opened for business this February. A bartender behind the bar topped in rough hewn lumber says it was the thatch that held them up. Dallas city inspectors didn't know how to permit roofing made of palm leaves, and when they did figure it out, extra fire precautions were necessary.

Your worst hangover has nothing on this camarone en agua chile
Palapas pulls dishes and recipes from Sinaloa, a Mexican state with a significant coast along the bay of California. There are several ceviches of different styles available, including some versions you may not be used to like the camaron en agua chiles pictured above. The raw shrimp join cucumbers and thin crescents of red onion in a bath of chili sauce and lime juice so deep they swim. It's spicy, very clean tasting and an excellent way to start your dinner here (or cure your hangover from the night before according to my friend two stools down).

And yes, those would be hand-made tortillas
There are tacos, of course, and for those who care about such things it should be made known that they come on hand-made tortillas griddled along with your fish. And for those who prefer their food from terra firma there is carne asada, and even an "American food" section on the menu that includes a chicken sandwich, a cheeseburger and a po'boy.

But back to the breeze that gently tussles the palm leaves that dangle from the roof and the windows beneath. They frame three sides of the dining room and allow sufficient ventilation that you could pretend you're swilling Tecate at some beach bar without much imagination. Close your eyes, take another pull and breath in deeply through your nose. You might just barely smell the ocean.

Or was that the shrimp?

Palapas Seafood Bar, 1418 Greenville Ave.

A chip could do a lot worse

Large windows turn the whole restaurant into an outdoor patio.

If it's cool out and you need a margarita, this is a good place to be.

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Had dinner here last night.......

- Blue Point oysters were great and reasonably priced.

- Grilled shrimp taco was over salted and overwhelmed any intended flavors

- Nice comfortable space;  I like the vibe and my kind of bar for dining solo.

- Complimentary chips and salsa were tasty fresh.

- A menu worth exploring.......some of the dishes coming out of the kitchen looked wonderful

- Friendly attentative wait staff that strives to get it right.

- Linen napkins with bar service.

- I'll be going back...........


Thanks for this, Scott! Are you planning a more extensive review?...I wanted to hear more about the food and those tacos...


Looks great. I'm eager to eat there, now.


On Sunday early eve it was fairly packed with families. Friendly staff indeed.

Huge call margaritas for $10. Fabulous Veracruz style snapper. Very good salsa with thick house made chips. Lots of pulpo, which is a good thing. Amazing how quiet it is on the patios. It's a keeper.


That looks and sounds great; places such as this can seem kind of kitschy, but it seems to have hit the mark........gonna try it.

Kind of reminds me of the Holiday Inn Sunspree in Galveston. 


Went this past Monday to a fairly empty restaurant. Incredible service (brought out a lot of free samples and margaritas on the house), fresh tasting food and large portions. Hope this place does well.


Based on your photos, the food looks pretty tasty, fresh, colorful and nicely presented..........good job to the new owners, or artful photo editing ?

Will def give this place a try.

scott.reitz moderator

@timmm  I may, but it would be at least 6 weeks from now. Stay tuned

scott.reitz moderator

@CitizenKane  Have you seen my photo skills? I think they're working pretty hard to impress right now.

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