Lakewood Growler Opens Today

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Lakewood Growler
Lakewood residents better get their best growler-drinking pants out. Appealing to not only craft beer lovers but also throwback drinking vessels, Lakewood Growler (6448 E. Mockingbird Lane) opens today.

Stacie and Dale Czech are the proprietors of this, the second growler-only stop in Dallas, after Craft and Growler near Fair Park. The Czechs have transformed the old Kindred Spirits liquor store at the southeast corner of Mockingbird and Abrams into a 36-tap filling station.

Local flavors include Peticolas, Four Corners, Rabbit Hole, Revolver, Lakewood, Franconia, Community, Martin House and Firewheel. Then, other brewers include Leprechaun Dry Cider from Houston, (512), Adelbert's and Live Oak. You might have noticed they're all Texas breweries. Not a coincidence. It's the theme.

As with most places, you can have any growler filled at Lakewood. They also sell growlers: $6 for a 64-ounce and $4 for a 32-ounce. The pours are in addition to that. There are four tables and one ten-top. No kitchen on-site, but co-owner Stacie says you can bring food in or have it delivered, which can be enjoyed with a pint of your favorite Texas beer.

"We will be operating on a limited hours for the next two weeks," adds Stacie, "So, people should check our Facebook page for hours and of course our complete tap list."

For now the hours are noon to 10 p.m. But, again, be advised this is somewhat of a soft opening. No panicking yet.

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What does "growler only" mean? Does World Beer Company Bottle Shop on Greenville qualify?


There is a Fuzzys and a pizza joint across the street. Also First and 10. And in the same sho] ING center a pizza place and a thai place.

The real shame is Kindred Spirits closing. Those were nice people. Each owner was a really good person. And if you live in Lakewood and drink wine odds are you have met them.


Speaking of Growlers, I finished off the seafood Jambalaya left over from Fat Tuesday-ooo faaaa!  Criminy, I ate like 6 portions.......but who can resist the buttered shrimp, the oysters and chose chopped jalapeno's, topped with a healthy dose of both Sriracha, AND  Chipotle Tabasco.

So there I am at 4 AM, reading The Children's Atlas, wailing "My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean", and.............


Get a 2 for 1 neapolitan pie to go from across the street at Olivella's and enjoy yourselves..........

Welcome to Lakewood......



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