Knife, John Tesar's Forthcoming Steakhouse, Is Taking Shape with Help from a Cocktail King

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Knife Steakhouse is taking shape fast. John Tesar's American steakhouse, slated to take over the Central 214 restaurant space in the Hotel Palomar, was announced in December. But even though the switch required some renovation work, Tesar hoped to have his new steak house open by May.

And it looks like he's still on track. News leaked last week that John Kent had been named executive chef. "Crafty Hiller out scoops me on my own story?" Tesar wrote on Facebook when the story appeared on the restaurant blog Escape Hatch.

And now former Smyth partner Michael Martensen is jumping in the game.

Martensen recently used his Facebook page to point to an ad posted to Craigslist, and he says he's been charged with setting up the bar program at Steak. The ad asks that front end staff including food runners, bus persons and bar staff apply.

What can we expect when Steak finally does open? Tesar told the Morning News he's going for less of a steakhouse and "more of a meat restaurant." He went on to describe a bounty of animal protein to include pork, veal, braised animal parts and maybe even whole birds. I hope you had your quinoa for lunch.

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Central 214

5680 N. Central Expressway, Dallas, TX

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Tesar is a douchebag. Why is everybody making such a fuss about him?


I think your author may have made a mistake and wrote "Steak" as the name of the restaurant instead of "Knife" 


It's definitely going to be named Fork

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