A Letter to Velvet Taco's Texas Burger Taco

How's it going, Texas burger taco? Hope all is well on your end.

I'm heading out to see you soon -- in just a few minutes I'll be all smoking tires and fishtailing-Honda out of my apartment building. My plan was to order you, with a glacially cold local root beer, and eat you while sitting on the curb. With no one around, of course -- you're best without judgmental company. Side note: I'm pretty sure I look like Gollum putting the one ring on when I eat you. In the past, eating you has resulted in whole orchestras of "mmms" and exclamatory phrases like "Holy Santa shit." So, I wanted to write this note, in advance of my coming, to let you know that I respect you.

In case you weren't aware already, you are the best cheeseburger taco in Dallas. I mean, you're a cheeseburger taco. Do you get that? You have a slice of peppered bacon, crisp pickles, a tangy "velvet sauce," all resting lavishly with that oddly shaped but beautiful burger thing. The kicker is the American cheese. Also, all of it comes in the only thing better than a buttered bun -- a toasted flour tortilla.

Truly, you are the one Texas burger taco. I'm sure taco purists can't wait to spike me to the ground for even calling you a taco. "You're no damn taco!" They have surely shouted at you. "Get out of this town!" Do not let the naysayers insult your brilliance: You're the only burger taco that's worth a damn in this world. And therein lies your genius: You have no ties to anyone. Stay of the utmost hard, cheeseburger taco. Fly to the heavens! Sorry, I'm just excited. I see your potential, and I think, what else can be tacoed? What more can I taco?

Anyway, I'll see you soon. I usually order you with a side of roasted corn elotes, which is also excellent. Have you tried those? Try those. Also, recently I had the tater tots with the egg on top, which doesn't need any further introduction. Just, you know, keep up the good work, OK? Don't worry about labels or who says what to whom. They'll come around. Be proud and be taco. You're delicious.

Yours in time,

Nick Rallo
Hungry Dallasite

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Velvet Taco

3012 N. Henderson Ave., Dallas, TX

Category: Restaurant

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by the way, I knew some folks that used to get the taco burger at Taco Delight.......man they swore by that; and it WAS like eating a hammered slice of dogpoo.


(clap clap clap).......I always enjoy a story by ole Nickie.

primi_timpano topcommenter

Tin Star had a decent CB taco. Would still rather have picadillo or a spicy asada.


not only is it the best cheeseburger taco in town, it may be the best cheeseburger too.  it's amazing. the fried-egg one is over the top, original still rules. 


The Fish & Chips taco has me staring vacantly into my computer screen on a number of occasions.  Just. Waiting. To Devour.


@dallas_foodie  Oh, my. PLEASE tell me what those two tacos are and how I should order them. I WILL LEAVE WORK EARLY TO EAT THAT.



The egg craze ended last year. You always know a food hipster when they wanna put an egg of something!  Hell, I put an egg on top of an egg, and guess what?  It tasted like egg!  I also put an egg on top of a Campisis's pizza; and guess what......it tasted like an on top of a pizza-brilliant!  Enough. 



I get that, but the putting eggs on top of everything craze has passed.  I knew this guy that put an egg on top of his steak, just because he thought it was cool. Trend over. 

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