Five DFW Restaurants That Serve Great Game, in Honor of the Quest to Legalize Roadkill

Sean Drellinger
Needs salt.
Tink Nathan, founder of Tink's Deer Scent Company and host of Tink's Legendary Hunting Moments, hopes to represent the fine people of House District 53, comprised mostly of rural West Texas counties. And he's made one of his top campaign priorities reversing a 2007 law that banned the picking up and eating of roadkill.

According to Nathan's campaign website, his "BIGGEST THING" (emphasis his) is to:

"revamp the Texas wildlife code to allow people to use road kill deer for human use. now its illegal to pick up a road kill deer"

Nathan contends that the Texas Department of Transportation removed over 1,400 deer from roads in just one county, and that the meat from those freshly murdered-by-Mitsubishi kills could be utilized for people to enjoy at dinnertime.

Apparently a few local chefs wouldn't see any problem with Tink Nathan's grand plan. Around the Metroplex, game that we'd normally see smashed up on the side of the road is ending up in some pretty incredible dishes. Even though the chefs at these six joints probably don't go out and hunt their prey on the highways, they're still putting "wild game" on the menu that most of us would call roadkill. And it's all delicious.

1. Tim Love's Lonesome Dove Western Bistro
I have a serious phobia of snakes. They're the worst. No way am I swerving onto the shoulder to miss a massive snake in the middle of the road, because they are evil and deserve to die. At Lonesome Dove Cafe in Fort Worth, I'm able to show the snakes my superior status on the food chain in a much less violent way. Chef Tim Love's rattlesnake and rabbit sausage is a little weird, but has incredible flavor. The sausage is also served at Love's Woodshed Smokehouse (also in Fort Worth), and it's a little bit more laid-back way to enjoy your victory feast.

2. YO Ranch
In Dallas, upscale restaurants are thoroughly on the wild game boat. "Wild game," of course, being a much fancier word for roadkill, even if these particular critters on the menu aren't dragged off of the Dallas North Tollway. Maybe the chefs at YO can put some of those 1,400 deer found on the highway to good use in their appetizer venison roll-ups. These tasty little morsels of venison are wrapped in bacon, stuffed with mozzarella and jalapeños, and grilled to perfection. Hey, it's still free-range and all-organic, right?

Location Info

The Lonesome Dove Western Bistro

2406 N. Main St., Fort Worth, TX

Category: Restaurant

Meddlesome Moth

1621 Oak Lawn Ave., Dallas, TX

Category: Music

The Rustic

3656 Howell St., Dallas, TX

Category: Restaurant


614 W. Davis St., Dallas, TX

Category: Music

Y. O. Ranch Steakhouse

702 Ross Ave., Dallas, TX

Category: Restaurant

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Knew a guy who would stop for unlucky squirrels. He loved squirrel stew.

Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

Making me crave Sammy's in Houston.

Rough Creek Lodge kills it but at $375 a night p/p.


What's the difference if yer dinner was dispatched by 30-30, .22LR, 12 gauge buckshot or, four wheels?

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