Thanks to Food Babe, Subway Will Remove the Yoga Mat Chemical from its Fresh Baked Bread

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Patrick Michels
Who knows what's in these crazy sandwiches?
Vani Hari, commonly knows as Food Babe on the Internet, is getting things done. Subway recently announced that it's removing the azodicarbonamide from the bread it uses to make its sandwiches, and the 65,000 digital signatures (and counting) on Hari's Internet petition likely had a lot to do with the change.

Azodicarbonamide is a carbon-based, powdery substance used in commercial baking to bleach flour, but Hari's petition points out that the same chemical is used to manufacture yoga mats and sneaker soles.

It's also highly flammable. A 2001 semitrailer spill in Chicago sent more than 20 firefighters and police officers to the hospital for heat-related stress and fume inhalation, and forced the evacuation of two Chicago Housing Authority high-rises.

But the biggest rub, according to Hari, is that the chemical is no longer used in Europe because of a ban by the World Health Organization. She asks why Subway would eliminate the potential harmful chemicals from their recipe for Europeans, but go on using them in their BMTs and Veggie Delites here at home.

Hari used the same argument against Kraft when she noticed dyes had been removed from the European products by remained in use in the States. That petition was launched last March and went on to collect more than 350,000 signatures. By November Kraft began reformulating some of its recipes without the questioned dyes.

Subway, by comparison, responded to Hari's efforts in less that a week. Unlike azodicarbonamide, Food Babe is on a roll.*

* Oh, come on. You would have done the same.

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well then my yoga studio will remove subway bread from our mats.


More effective than thousands of people lobbying Subway to remove ingredients from their food would be thousands of people not eating at Subway.


Hooray, blogger terrorism! Bend to my will or else face the wrath of my ill-informed consumer sheep, regardless of some harmless substance I don't understand and of lack of any evidence of harm!


Isn't this the same frau that wanted the yellow die #7 taken out of Kraft Mac n' Cheese?  If it is, what an eff'ing beating!  Can you imagine coming home everynight to someone with so little to do!?   It's f+cking's basically hammered dogshite anyhow; what's next, boycotting Burger King because they have an ingredient in there BBQ sauce that makes cats nauseous?  EVERYTHING IN MODERATION. This is the kind of stuff that modern day Americans do that make me SO mad.  It's not practical.......we have people starving and we are worried about dyes; we have a disappearing middle class, an important cog in a democratic society, and we are concerned with Subway's bread. 

We should be worried about important stuff like debt, jobs, technology, saving water, education, etc., not stupid drivel such as this. 

ps-And I prefer foodbitch over foodbabe.........actually, fooddick MAY BE more productive than foodbabe, then again, maybe not. He he.


ScottsMerkin topcommenter

I had no idea she was Food Babe, I know she aint got shit on our own Foodbitch!  Take that Hari

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