Martin House Brewing Has Created a New Beer for the Toadies: Rubberneck Red

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From The Toadies Rubberneck album cover.
The Toadies are hitting the road this year to promote the reissue of their 1994 album, Rubberneck. Surely they're taking count of guitar picks, snacks, clean socks and whatever other provisions rock bands need for a comfortable road trip. And they also wanted to create an "official" beer to take along.

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The Fort Worth-born band went straight to the source and met with the brewers at Martin House Brewing, not to stock up on cans and kegs but to make their very own beer.

Cody Martin and David Wedemeier of Martin House met with band members Vaden and Rez to sample beers, focusing on different flavor profiles and characteristics. They liked Imperial Texan, a double red ale, and used it as a starting point.

Based on their input, head brewer Cody Martin came up with a beer that had the same hoppy, caramel and assertive flavors of the Imperial Texan, but dialed it back a bit for a more sessionable beer at 5-percent ABV (versus 9-percent).

After a few tastings, Rubberneck Red was born.

"The launch date has not yet been 100-percent set in stone," says Wedemeier of Martin House, "but we are confident that it will be late spring. We plan on going statewide as soon as production allows us to get out of the Fort Worth and Dallas area."

We'll keep you posted as the situation unfolds. Homegrown Fest, which the Toadies are headlining, is May 10. Maybe they'll set aside a keg.

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I'm holding out for the Possum Kingdom Pale Ale, or the Backslider Stout. Jesus what a legacy that album has!  Even my wife, my grown ass son and my 17 year old daughter get pumped when I Come From the Water comes on the radio. We have three copies of Rubberneck, wow-those searing guitars, and incredible vocals by Todd. What's better than sitting in the mountains with Backslider blasting through the woods?  We once hooked up an amp on the top of Turner Falls, and sent James Brown and The Toadies careering through the canyon....until the Davis, OK. cops arrived.  

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