There's Some Tendon in Miss Chi's Pho, and You'll Love It Eventually

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Catherine Downes
Look closely, they're actually serving tendon in Preston Hollow.
I have to hand it to Miss Chi, the newish pho spot in Preston Center. Owner Lan Chi Li was bold to throw a little gelatinous tendon in her pho. Other restaurants that serve the soup have told me they won't include tendon and other challenging ingredients like tripe because none of their customers would touch the stuff. The notion might be correct in the near term, but nobody is ever going to learn to like something new until it's made wildly available.

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So I was thrilled to see a few slices of tendon floating around in my bowl of pho at Miss Chi, the subject of this week's restaurant review. And I was embarrassed as I watched another diner carefully pick out every slice and pile it on a side plate on the table. Certainly, a whole city can't be converted in a day. But I'm convinced there are a few disciples in the making.

If you're new to pho, Miss Chi is a good place to get started. Grab a seat at the bar and order the beef combination, some egg rolls and your choice of beer. The trio may be the best lunch combination in all of Preston Center. Just don't tell your boss about the Sapporo you swilled and you'll be fine.

When you're done, ask yourself why everyone is going so crazy for ramen. The last few years, ramen has achieved a cult following, as popular chefs elevate a once humble soup into lavish liquid wonderlands.

That's a good thing. I love when any pedestrian food thing is spun anew by a skilled and passionate chef. What I can't understand is why a similar thing isn't happening with pho. Or maybe I should just be thankful I don't have to wait in line for one of my favorite bowls of soup.

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Miss Chi Vietnamese

6030 LUTHER LN, Dallas / Fort Worth, TX

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I'm not crazy about tripe but I do love beef tendon in my Pho.


I love tendons & tripe. Now if we could only get everyone on board with the fatty meat - my ABSOLUTE favorite. Mmmmmm!



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