Ten Dallas Restaurants You Should Be Eating at Right Now: Winter 2014

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Catherine Downes
Hungry? You will be eventually. And when those grinding stomach noises rise up from within, you'll have this list printed out at the ready.

Here are 10 restaurants that I've dined in, reviewed, or otherwise written about and enjoyed in recent months. Put them in your regular rotation, and never go hungry for great food again.

CBD Provisions (pictured above)
This downtown ode to pig parts offers one of the best hunger busters in Dallas. Order the carnitas and receive half the face of a young pig, while the other half undoubtedly rests on nearby table. Both will be gone in a flash so grab a tortilla and tear in. This is uncommonly good and primal eating.


Catherine Downes
Village Kitchen
Need to have your Louboutins re-soled? Craving a sloppy burger? Admittedly, those two events will likely never simultaneously occur, but if they do and you're in Highland Park Village, you're set. Whatever you're shopping for, when the need for a sloppy gut-bomb of a burger arises, Village Kitchen is your best bet.


Boulevardier Burger Bandi.jpg
Lori Bandi
We promise, there is more than burgers to this list. It's just that they're so delicious.
Come to Boulevardier to get in touch with your inner Francophile. Sit at the bar, order some oysters and be sure to wash them down with a glass of something briny and white from the impressive wine list. The restaurant has become a bit of a neighborhood staple in the less than two years that it's been open.

And if your hunger is of the hangover variety, the brunch here is killer.


A meal at FT-33 speaks for itself. This is arguably the hottest reservation in Dallas right now. And it likely will be for some time. Vegetarians rejoice: Matt McCallister's treatment of produce can sway even the most devout of carnivores.


A mushroom and Tallegio pizza at True Food Kitchen
True Food Kitchen
Too many Village Kitchen burgers, huh? Come to the other kitchen to feel better about your caloric transgressions. There's kale running through the juicer as you walk through the door, and if you weren't all that serious about taking it easy, there is beer and beef.

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Ate at True Food Kitchen last week and was utterly unimpressed. Ambience was no different from The Cheesecake Factory (kids running around the tables taking pictures of one another, Grand Central Station feeling dining room). And I swear, the quality of my rice bowl with tofu was no better than Pei Wei.

Truly don't get how this place makes the list. The service was great, I will give it that. But I have no desire to return whatsoever.


The headline is incorrect.  Only eight of the restaurants are in Dallas.


 El Come Taco is in Fort Worth.  Chennai, *as it says in the article*, is in Plano.  Defend your "derp" if you can, @DerpDefender ; otherwise, you owe an apology.

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