Seven Dallas Restaurants You Should Really Be Following on Instagram

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Restaurants are notoriously bad at the Internet. They have terrible websites, yell at customers on review sites, and some still ignore the web altogether. Social media provides a unique opportunity for restaurants, who can use sites like Facebook and Twitter to push out their menus and best dishes to potential customers in real-time.

And some of them use it really, really well. Instagram is a particularly good way for restaurants to get the point across, because they can just show us delicious-ass pictures of their food that makes us want to immediately dash out the door for a big plate of cheese fries or oysters or whatever they're selling.

If you need a little more food porn in your life, follow these seven restaurants on Instagram. A word of caution, though: It's not my fault if you drool all over your phone.

1. Trinity Groves
There are lots of exciting things going on in Phil Romano's West Dallas restaurant development, and Instagram is a one-stop shop for finding out what's going on at Souk, Casa Rubia, Resto Gastro Bistro and the other awesome spots in the area. Just try to resist those photos of Kate Weiser Chocolates, I dare you.


2. The Porch
Everyone's favorite Henderson Avenue watering hole The Porch makes good use of Instagram by posting its ever-changing "Big Board" to let potential diners know what's going to be on the rotating menu. Of course, you'll also find yourself scrolling back through the feed infinitely staring at all the beautifully presented entrees and dorky candid photos of the waitstaff.


3. Hibiscus

The Porch's sister restaurant Hibiscus is also pretty damn good at Instagram. This feed has the perfect balance of booze and food. My favorite, though, is when it posts porny photos of the top-quality details the chefs incorporate into the menu, like house-made pickles and house-cured charcuterie. If that doesn't make you want to quit your job and go to Hibiscus RIGHT NOW, there's something wrong with you.


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