The First Annual Brunchies: Dallas' Best Brunch Awards

Sissy's chicken and waffles
Brunch! That beautiful tradition of carbs and meats and caffeine and booze. And yes, we talk about it quite often. Had enough yet? Of course not! Because guess what? There's another weekend coming up at the end of this very week! And if weekends are just good for one thing, it's sleeping in. But if they're good for two things, that other thing is BRUNCH. Sometimes you need a little rolodex of brunch options when your circumstances or desires are more specific. In that case, keep the following brunches in mind. Pass go and pass the syrup.

Photo courtesy of Fearing's

Best fancy brunch: Fearing's
Let's start the awards off classy-like. Pretend you don't get hammered every Saturday night and need to wear pajamas and your largest sunnies to gather sustenance on Sunday morning. Just pretend. If you manage to run a comb through, slip on something worthy of being seen at the Ritz, and assemble a few friends, you'll be rewarded with fancy brunch at Fearing's, featuring a mix of chef Fearing's twists on traditional brunch foods (like eggs and enchiladas) and killer lunch entrees (Dr Pepper-braised short ribs). Best bets? Cos' chili on jalapeño cheese biscuits will sop up whatever you did last night. Pro tip: Fearing's has a vegetarian menu available per request. Request it. It's one of the more uniquely delicious ones you'll find in town.

Photo courtesy of Boulevardier
French toast with Biscoff, cinnamon toast brittle, Texas pecan maple syrup and Grand Marnier chantilly.
Best boozy brunch: Boulevardier
Because hair of the dog is best served with a French accent, Boulevardier can get your Saturday or Sunday off right. They have a full English breakfast for goodness' sake. Oh, and legs and eggs featuring duck confit. Le quack for the win. But the cocktails at this Bishop Arts bistro are always spot-on and will surely be just what you need. Of course there's a bloody (Mary or her spicy Latina cousin Maria), but consider the Corpse Reviver #2 if you're feeling particularly corpse-like: You'll taste Plymouth gin, orange liqueur, Cocchi Americano, lemon and absinthe. Just let it cool off before you take a sip (they light it on fire a bit).

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Sara Kerens
The pancakes at SMOKE
Best beefy brunch: SMOKE
Did the work week leave you depleted of protein? Brave the weekend wait on the south side of the game board at SMOKE, Tim Byres' house of meat and awesome in Oak Cliff. The pulled whole hog eggs benedict gets quite a bit of attention, but I'm a big fan of the smoked brisket cornbread hash. Also note some of the best pancakes you'll taste anywhere can be found on SMOKE's brunch menu. They're clouds of blueberry-studded buttermilk heaven topped with vanilla poached apricots and cream. And bonus points for blueberries; they're a superfood! Another bonus: SMOKE's Double Barrel Bloody Mary is no joke. There's plenty of lycopene in it too, so go ahead and rationalize all you want.

Sunday School brunch may or may not include Furries
Best what-the-hell-just-happened?! brunch: Sunday School at ZaZa
Maybe you don't go out at night. Perhaps you're an early-to-bed type who likes their kicks in the morning. There's a brunch for you too, friend. Skip ahead two months to Sunday School at ZaZa. This brunch has a reputation. Maybe that's why it only happens once a quarter: because any more would be just too much cray. Plenty of Champagne, a DJ spinning, family-style foods like enormous frittatas and giant pancakes -- and legend tells us table dancing. Can I get a hallelujah? Well, maybe. This elusive brunch is announced via email (if you've ever attended Sunday School before) and on Facebook. Once you know, secure your spot quickly -- they'll go fast. The next one is happening in the next couple of months, I'm told.

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ScottsMerkin topcommenter

fucking livefyre eating comments again.  


Benedict's in Addison andThe Egg and I (multiple locations)...both are places you would eat with your parents...and maybe grandma too.  


Um, what happened to best buffet brunch??


Considering we invented brunch, it was nice of the Observer for once to notice that gays exist.  (An "alternative" paper that hardly ever mentions the gay community isn't very "alternative")


How on earth can you have a brunch list that doesn't include Bread Winners Cafe? Nobody makes better chicken & waffles, eggs benedicts, scrambles, taco, sandwiches and salads. Homemade cinnamon roll the size of your head? Check. Spicy Bloody Mary with a jalapeno bacon garnish? Done. There is a reason why there is a long wait at all four locations every single Saturday and Sunday morning. 


That would be Blue Mesa for the mimosas. 


Tell me where the all you can drink mimosas are!?


La Duni brunch. Breakfast tacos? Ridiculous!

Start with the Cinnamon Brioche Slice with Carmelized Pecans, served warm

then the Huevos Finos or Huevos Gaucho, with those crusty, crunchy, soft, spiced roasted potatoes

washed down with a Limonada con Menta

and finish with a Three Layered Cafe au Lait

...tacos indeed



I believe that is called "a joke".....a witty, sometimes sarcastic response to an issue-or thing.  Is it bad when you have to explain to someone what a joke is?   And now this is water...and this is called a wheel...and now this..........


@AdamsonScott  How can you "invent brunch"? That's like saying "we outdoorsmen invented Yosemite National Park."


@ambermfreeland  Huge waits at all four convenient DFW metro area locations (all major credit cards accepted!) by "see and be seen" dbags for bad coffee and mediocre food w/lovely parsley garnishments and a variety of brunchy accoutrements?  Done and DONE.    

J_A_ topcommenter

I actually think Breadwinners is overrated. But to each their own.


@ambermfreeland Agreed. And there's also no more classic brunch location than Cafe Brazil. But maybe this is a list of places you wouldn't expect?


@sherman  I agree. There's a ton of awesome stuff at La Duni for brunch. I'd totally eat all the things you mentioned here. But I happened to have a photo of the tacos on me. But I admit I like them, too. Let's just agree to agree, K?


@kergo1spaceship- poor journalistic skills are a joke? Explain that to my professors at Northwestern.

ChrisYu topcommenter

@breadwinnerscafe @ambermfreeland  yeah well if that's what you're serving up to Amber at four locations every Saturday and Sunday maybe you should also offer up a side of health insurance.


No G_David, please enlighten me. How is calling something First Annual a joke?

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