R Bar and Grill, a Locally Sourced Restaurant from a James Bearder, Heading to Arlington

R Bar & Grill
Arlington is getting a new chef-driven restaurant with a truly locally inspired menu. R Bar and Grill is concept from Lonnie Schiller of the Schiller Del Grande Restaurant Group -- as in Robert Del Grande, the James Beard-winning chef of Cafe Annie in Houston. Schiller "assisted with this concept."

R Bar and Grill, which will open in mid-March, is located inside the Hilton just north of Interstate 30, at 2401 East Lamar Blvd. It's an interesting concept for an entertainment district that sits across from a two stadiums, Six Flags and Hurricane Harbor, venues not known for their culinary subtlety.

Executive Chef Michael West, who most recently worked at the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine, will forage local ingredients from favorites such as Jimmy's, the Dallas Mozzarella Co. and Veldhuizen Cheese via Dublin, Texas.

There's a craft cocktail menu with a "distinguished" Dark and Stormy and New Old Fashioned, to pair with plates of Fireman's #4 battered onion rings and wild board chili. There's also food truck-inspired dishes such as Banh Mi and chicken fried chicken tacos. R Bar will also have wood-burning pizza oven with rotating seasonal ingredients. Craft beers should include some area favorites.

R Bar and Grill is expected to open on March 17.

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ScottsMerkin topcommenter

people blast burbs and arlington bc they lack "soul" which is a shot the chain restaurant homeland.  Well then someone opens a local place there and we wonder why they would do that?  Good for arlington, another wonderful place to go eat and imbibe 

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