Top Chef Will Cast for Chefs in Dallas Next Month

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Top Chef
Hopefully Padma doesn't say that to you.
In not-so-shocking news, Bravo announced that it will pick up Top Chef for a dozenth season. This is great news, because that means we're only a few months away from watching re-runs of the current season at the gym.

Season 11's winner will be announced next week during the season finale in Maui. Meanwhile, it's time for Dallas chefs to sharpen the edges of their competitive knives, because the first casting call for next season will be on home turf.

To compete, the first requirement is that you are a chef and a damn good one. If you are, then you pre-register online and clear your schedule Tuesday, Feb. 18 from 10 a.m. - 1 p.m. Arrive early to the Hotel Palomar and show 'em your skills.

We've had a few chefs on the reality show in previous years, including John Tesar, who coincidentally has plans to open a restaurant in Hotel Palomar this year. Tesar was eliminated about halfway through season 10. In fact, no Dallas chef has ever taken home the big title. Maybe 12 is the lucky number.

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Chefs only, no cooks? Too bad, there some cooks in this town that can blow away most of the chefs.


I seem to remember that the Top Chef producers couldn't get the stipend they wanted from the state of TX when they filmed that season here. The finale was taped on a Vancouver ski slope instead. Go far away Bravo and only write when you get work.


I thought the first requirement was a huge ego and an over inflated sense of self worth. Those may be the same things though.

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