There's a Keg Thief on the Loose in Addison

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You're an idiot, Craig's List user 4298777721

You've probably seen them. The shifty eyes of true villainy peering over the bar to see what's underneath, their lips still soaked from the froth of freshly poured brew. Their maniacal laughter echoes through the dark, winter nights, as they roll their exploits through back alleys. The large metal cans that once held the chocolate flavors of a porter or a crisp refreshing lager.With keg-jacking on the rise in the dangerous streets of Addison, no one is safe.

The good news is that these keg burglars are fucking idiots. Earlier today Deep Ellum Brewing Company found a Craigslist ad for someone trying to sell a "deep ellum keg" for $80. "Good condition, no dents. 50 liters."

When John Reardon founded DEBC, we doubt he expected the nefarious criminals lurking in the neighborhood, ready to haul kegs all the way to Addison. And though he won't be putting out a reward for the keg's safe return, he wants Dallas to know this is a serious problem.

"It's disheartening to see someone try to make a quick buck at the expense of a small, local business," Reardon says. "Maybe it'll get returned and hopefully this helps other kegs find their homes as well. Bottom line, stealing is bad."

When last I checked Craigslist, it was still for sale. But the only thing stupider than selling stolen property would be buying it in full knowledge. Get it together, Addison.

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I would have replied back pretending to be interested so that way you atleast have known who it is... who to look out for. Sucks this happened though.


here's the deal. I've tapped it an had a couple. fifty buck will include delivery.


Stay classy Addison. Stay classy.

everlastingphelps topcommenter

If I could find the listing, I would refer it to Addison PD.  They rarely have anything as exciting as a fence to deal with.

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