The Best Beer Ever Depends on More Than Which Beer You Drink

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This weekend McKinnney-based craft brewery Franconia shared a link to an article from Blog About Beer about the top five beers in the world. I'm imagining a monk in a cave in a forgotten forest in Bavaria who just released a beer graced with angel tears. Or specks of unicorn horn. And the horn is made of pure Bavarian chocolate. The five best beers in the world, according to Logan Thompson on Blog About Beer are:

1. The Beer That's In Your Hand
2. The Beer You're Having Next
3. The Best Beer You Can Remember
4. The Beer That's Free
5. The Beer You Made

My feelings on the local craft beer scene go like this: so many flavors, so little time. Which is complicated by my New Year's resolution to drink only on weekends, which we all know technically start on Thursdays at 4 p.m. and include Mondays too, because -- ugh -- Mondays.

Craft beer is a fantastic, continually developing scene. Still I'm not always sure what I'm supposed to like when it comes to beer, versus what I do like. When I shop at the small craft beer store in my neighborhood I try to pull this information out of the guy who works there. He gets annoyed. I get amused. It goes something like this:

Me: "So, what should I try?"

Him: Long pause. Deep sigh.

Me: Whatever.

Him: "I recommend anything in the case. There's nothing I don't like. It's all good."

Me: "There's just so much ... What about this purple label with the ..."

We do this every week or so. We've come to some sort of happy place in our dysfunctional relationship, both annoyed, yet we know we need each other. I have no idea what his name is. He doesn't give a shit what mine is. When I pay, he manages a smile.

One day he finally reveals, "Try Delirium Tremens. It's the best beer in the world."

In the world! Wow! Finally...

Two days later as I popped the top off, I felt like I was about to be part of an exclusive club. I'd talk loudly about this moment at parties for years to come. YEARS! Yet, after a few swallows, the only thing I learned was that the best beer in the world wasn't all that great. Or do I just not know what great beer is? What was I missing? Am I wrong about everything? Maybe fracking is good for us ...

Perfect example, No. 3: As much as I love the local craft beer movement and all that it involves, the best beer I can remember lately was a Miller Lite. This summer a friend and I ran the floor of Palo Duro Canyon and the last few miles through the dusty red canyon I was beyond parched. And once I get thirsty, all I can think about is how thirsty I am. I play this awful game of "What would I drink right now?" all while eying puddles and cacti. It's stupid. Anyway.

So, then I remembered we had two random cans of Miller Lite floating at the bottom of our cooler back at base camp. We also had water, wine, sports drinks, but right then those two beers sounded magnificent. And I hate Miller Lite! We picked up our pace, shuffled through the dirt, up and down the rocks a bit quicker.

At camp we made a beeline to the cooler, plopped down in chairs and popped the tops. By that time late in the afternoon, the sky was this huge empty orange and blue, the canyon was brilliant and silent. And those were the two best beers ever.

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Sotiredofitall topcommenter

That's the reason there is more than one type of beer.  Variety is good.  Snobbery sucks.


to sum up your canyon story, the best beer is The Beer That You Earned. good luck with that New Years resolution.


Nothing wrong with them ol ML's...better when drank by the dozen, but not too shabby on warm or not so warm day.  I feel nostalgic sipping a nice cold Lite in the white can, like back in the ol days when I may or may not have swiped a couple from the stepdad's cooler prior to sneaking off for some serious fishin.

Also good: Natty lites when damn near frozen and on a budget, Shiner when your drinking you dinner, Shiner Lite on tap..and I had some Revolver Bock recently at their factory tour and it was better than any Shiner I've ever had...cept for that Sheinerweizen I had at the factory in Shiner..that was the shiznit

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter

My taste in beer is obviously far superior to your taste in beer because I have no problem downing a Miller Lite at any time for any reason - or no reason at all.

I'll take a Shiner Bock if given a choice, but you'd be hard pressed to serve me a beer that I absolutely would not drink. Craft beers are just too damned pricey to drink on a regular basis. (I realize that is probably not a flattering comment with regard to my drinking habits.)

Having said all of that, Miller High Life and Schlitz have always struck me as just a bit too sweet, but that seems to sort of fade away after a dozen or so . . .

I tend to agree with your definition of a weekend, though.


"Still I'm not always sure what I'm supposed to like" Do you approach food the same way? Who looks at a restaurant menu and asks, "What am I suppose to like?" You start with what you know you like and see what they have to offer. You might even try something new, but you know there is a chance you might not like it.  If you're used to Bud Light, Miller Lite, Coors, then you should start trying different lagers and pilsners. Keep note of the TYPES you like not necessarily the brand or name.

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

The best beer is the beer that tastes good to you.  I try some of this craft beer that people fawn over and it just doesn't taste good to me.  I try other craft beers and they taste great. Who cares, it what you like.  And yes, when I'm done with a softball game all I really want is to pound a sixer of refreshing ice cold bud light.

TheCredibleHulk topcommenter


I finally got my hands on some of the Kosmo's Special Reserve. When my BIL and sister came to town for Thanksgiving week I bought a couple-three Family Reunion packs and each one had 2 bottles in it.

I grabbed one right off to check it out and then immediately hid the other five in the way-back of the fridge.   :-)


@Joshstruckoutagain You aint the only one, Josh. I have had the same discussion with at least 4 of my friends. We all separately found ourselves at a convenience store and saw those old school Miller Lite cans and had no choice but to buy some. I was nowhere near old enough to drink when that design was in circulation. Its pretty damn impressive that the "less filling/tastes great" ad campaign from decades ago still played in my head when I saw that fucking can. I dedicated that first throwback Miller Lite to Bob Uecker.

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

@TheCredibleHulk as for craft beer, I actually went to a World of Beer for a bday party and they happened to have $3 texas beers that night.  Ill just say,I was pleasantly surprised and partook in more craft beer than I probably should have


@dfwheathen No I don't approach food the same way b/c food isn't all that new to me. 26 dozen new local craft beers in a matter of two years is though. Yes, I agree, I'm learning about the types. I've never liked Bud or any of that -- at all. Prior to the craft beer craze, I rarely drank beer b/c it tasted like flavored water and made me feel full and fat. I started enjoying beer with St. Arnold's. Then, imagine my surprise when I tried Velvet Hammer for the first time. So, I dunno what any of this means. It's just a lot to sort through. A good problem to have. Just trying to catch up, I suppose. 


@JustSaying@Joshstruckoutagain Old school ML cans = Smokey and Bandit for me..I popped the top and did some donuts in the parking lot of the local Wallyworld, hit the Dixie horn and pulled down my felt tight..honked the wifeys boob and considered it a good day!

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