The Six Best Things I Ate in Los Angeles, Including a Top-Five Burger

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Enter for potato tacos sold 10 at a time.
Traveling gives you some perspective, especially when you deeply invest yourself in one city's food scene. But I sometimes wonder if the excitement you experience while exploring a new destination has a way of coloring what you eat. Every blister on a pizza crust seems heightened, eggs gush with golden yolks that seem to glow, the chiles are a bit more vibrant and every bite is consumed as though it might be your last, because you may never return.

I took a trip to Los Angeles over the holiday and experienced this food-driven euphoria, scouring taquerías, food trucks and restaurants recommended by friends. Here are a few of my favorites. Check them out on your next trip west.


This pizza tasted better than it looks. And look at it.
Welcome to Gjelina, a restaurant that's so hip and fashionable the waiters wear newsboy caps and openly flirt with your date, an annoyance you'll put up with at least twice because of the pizza pictured above, and maybe a third time for the desserts that follow.

The crust loosely resembled the Neapolitan style, but it had a crackery quality that complemented the pliable crust. It was so light it would float without toppings like fennel sausage and a tomato confit there to hold it down, and was blackened in portions but still an absolute pleasure to eat.


There's magic inside.
Taquerias El Atacor
By now you should know about the tacos dorados served at The Loon. El Acator uses tortillas pressed significantly thinner, and they crunch like a crackling potato chip when you take a bite. Inside the shell, you'll find a smooth potato purée laced with plenty of cumin. They're served on a bed of lettuce and tomato and doused with green salsa, crema and cheese, and you can buy them 10 at a time for just over eight bucks. Vegetarians rejoice: This is one hell of a taco.

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ScottsMerkin topcommenter

yes, your photography in LA was much better than your TV photography or any thing you snapped here.  ;P


I rate the photography as a solid B+.  Neon's Prime Click Academy has come through again!


I'm sorry but any "dive" trip to Los Angeles is incomplete without a visit to The Apple Pan. Opened in 1947 for (arguably) the best cheeseburger and (non, arguably) best apple pie in LA. Cash only and, not the cheapest burger in LA. Just the purest LA eating experience without the tinsel.

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