Scotty's (Formerly Known as Spread Eagle Saloon) Will Close Tonight

When the Spread Eagle Saloon opened in February 2012, the name obviously caused a kerfuffle. With the likes of Twin Peaks, Hooters and more, suggestive names for bars and restaurants are nothing new, but you couldn't even open the doors of the Spread Eagle without wondering what you were getting into.

Owner Scott Scripps eventually agreed and changed the name to Scotty's Elm Street Saloon about a year later. But it looks like that name won't last much longer than the first. Scripps recently tweeted that he'd be shuttering the bar this evening, and confirmed the closure by phone earlier today.

Scripps blamed the sale of the building and potential changes to his lease under the new ownership for the decision to close his bar. It doesn't help things that his liquor license was up for renewal as well.

Scripps is having a small concert at the bar tonight and will close the doors permanently at 2 a.m. He gave no word on what he has planned after that.

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Scotty's, by far, was the least pretentious place in downtown. Inexpensive and better-than-you-would-expect wings...all from a staff that really took care of you.

Such a bummer.

Of course, I'm sure the new landlord will have no problem finding some "high-concept" lounge to fill the space at a higher rent...but they'll be hard pressed to truly replace it.


Good low key spot, sorry to see it go. Refreshing to have laid back places downtown.

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