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Pizzas lurk within
If, like me, you thought that Three Sheets, the laid-back bar with a penchant for brick-oven pizza, feels a little lonely on Ross Avenue, you might be interested to know a second location is about to open in a much more cozy location. Three Sheets Uptown is expected to take over the former Pozo Mercado space on McKinney Ave., opening by late January.

La Reve Consultants opened Pozo Mercado last year, promising high-end tequila and Mexican food, but the restaurant didn't make much noise after initial first looks. It closed recently, and now Reve is partnering with Three Sheets to try something new.

Brandon Hays, a representative of Reves, says the second Three Sheets will be a lot like the first. Sportsball will be a big deal, with a large number of televisions including a 90-inch LED on the patio, and they'll be serving pizza, burgers and plenty of booze.

Reves says they're currently working to decide whether a brick oven similar to the model fired at the Ross location, or some other type of oven will be the best fit for their new kitchen. Whatever they use will stay fired up late. Three Sheets Uptown will serve food till 2 a.m. on the weekends.

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Three Sheets

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I'm happy for having Three Sheets on Ross. Close and cozy and the pizza IS pretty good.

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