Pier 247 Is Now Open in Oak Cliff

Alex Badour
Before this weekend, Bishop Arts was short a good ol' fashioned seafood joint. Thanks to Pier 247, this vacancy has been filled. On the corner of Davis and Madison Streets, Cecilia Lopez retrofitted an old gas station and invited chefs John Fleming and Ty Frazier to light up the deep fryer.

The menu has Cajun influences and some kind of bizarre elements, mostly in the realm of oysters. BLT sandwiches topped with fried oysters; nachos topped with fried oysters; a soup topped with oysters Rockefeller. It's like someone topped Wolfgang Puck Catering with Pappadeaux's, which happens to be where these chefs most recently cooked. They also have more traditional fried fish baskets and healthier choices, including a grilled salmon salad.

Let me just say, it smells delicious inside Pier 247. The wafting aromas of fried fish and jambalaya permeate the small space, which is decked out with wood paneling that makes it feel like the bowels of a ship. If the weather is warm, they have a nice little patio where you can enjoy with a cold beer or a frozen margarita.

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"nachos topped with fried oysters"........that's dumb.  You don't top nachos with American cheese; and you don't put fried oysters on nachos. 


ps-You would put fried oysters in a milk shake before you put them on nachos! 

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

is this place dinner only, lunch and dinner, 7 days a week?

Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

Thier FB is saying 7 days 11-10. Brunch 11-3 Sat n Sun.

Love a place that opens and doesn't list hours on thier website just as much as a food blogger who writes a post and didn't ask.

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