Buzz Bike, Dallas' New Pedal-Powered Pub, Starts Riding This Week

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You'll pay for those beers in more ways than one.
Last September we told you that Dallas was getting its very own Buzz Bike. This was after cities like Houston and Fort Worth had been rubbing their pedal-powered pubs in our faces for some time. But after some permitting and route-planning issues that caused delays, the wait for those who want to pedal like they're at spin class while slugging beer for fuel is officially over. The Dallas Buzz Bike officially kicks off business later this week.

Why drink in one stationary place while you can drink while carting yourself across the city? Why conduct any physical activity without a cold one in your hand? Think of all those burned calories. These are arguments many will certainly leverage to talk their friends into a two-hour pedal pub crawl around Dallas. But there are some other things you should know before taking the pedal plunge.

For instance, the Buzz Bike is strictly BYOB, so if you had visions of a barman pulling pints from a keg, you should retire them now. Remember to factor in the cost of bringing your own drinks if you're making a reservation, and don't forget a cooler and ice. Also, Buzz Bike officials will expect at least a modicum of sobriety to be faked by all participants. If you show up to start of your tour stinking of the sauce, the party is over and you'll have to drink hobo-style on the street.

There's also a no public-urination rule, which makes sense, but with the right participant, the right velocity and during passage though the right neighborhood, this offense commands a lasting image. And there are these other rules, which honestly sound about at least as fun to break, preferably during the last few minutes of your tour:

Extreme intoxication
Excessive noise
Loitering more than 5 minutes after tour
Providing alcohol to non-passengers

If you want to kick the tires the launch party is this Thursday at Sunset Lounge. Or head to their website for more information.

Meet the Buzz Bike, Sunset Lounge, 3030 Ross Ave., 6:30-8:30 p.m., January 30.

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Sunset Lounge

3030 Ross Ave., Dallas, TX

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Hell, I thought I was the only one with a "Buzz Bike."  If you light up while riding a bicycle, what do you call it?" 


Wouldn't it be a lot easier to just ride your bike to the bar?


HOORAY!!! They had these all over Minneapolis when I lived there and I wondered WHY can't Dallas?



Right, how fun is riding a bike, drunk, up a hill, in 120 degree heat?  Maybe if you eat a whole bunch before hand you can just barf in the street, therefore eliminating a mess!? 



Because Colton in North Dallas would rather wear his hat backwards, and hang on a patio with his brah's-then get in his rented "Bimmer" and go home to mom's basement, where he can watch MMA, UFC, and "wrastlin" in his tight Affliction tshirt. Welp, that should sum it up!

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