There Are More Ways Than Ever to Get Fat at the Snuffer's on Greenville

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Yeah, it looks OK, but I think it could use something...
Just a few months after Mike Karns took over Snuffer's, he has announced his first round of changes to the long-standing cheddar fry chain. Say goodbye to Pepsi; Coca-Cola products will now dominate the soda dispensers at all locations. And while Snuffer's has always offered Bud Light, they're now doing it for just $1 for a 10-ounce glass.

Karnes is also adding sweet potato fries to the roster, which makes sense. The sweeter, denser spuds have enjoyed recent popularity because of their nutritional superiority. What doesn't make sense is the supposed health nuts who order will order them topped with cheddar cheese and bacon. The sweet potato fries are offered with all the same toppings as the spuds the Snuffer's brand was built on.

And then there's the guacamole.

Snuffer's fans have been requesting guacamole at the restaurants for some time, Karns says, though it seems more likely that Karns is adding guacamole to the menu because he's learned to make a lot of money off the avocado puree at his Meso Maya and El Fenix restaurants. Why not spread the green around?

House-made guacamole is now available at all Snuffer's locations, to be added to burgers, fries, sandwiches and on its own with chips.

The Coca Cola, Bud Light, guacamole upgrade will also be featured at the original Snuffer's on Greenville Avenue, which is expected to open in March.

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Love Snuffer's, I've been a fan since way before it was called Snuffer's. Back in my high school days I work there when it was called The Cantina, then it converted to snuffers.The Christmas Party's were Awesome. Loved it so much that i still go to this very day with my daughters. They Love it as much as I do. Can't wait till the reopening, for now I go to the Addison location, But to me and my girls, lower Greenville Ave. location will always be home.

ChrisYu topcommenter

seems like the last we heard of it here, Pat was still holding on to the original location. I missed something if anyone would be kind enough to update.


why would you tell me about the $1 bud light when it doesn't take effect for a month?!


Nothing wrong with them Snuffer's loaded fries.......nothing.  

 "sweet potato fries are offered with all the same toppings as the spuds the Snuffer's brand was built on".......I read this and laughed.  I had a friend who drank rum and diet coke because she though the coke would make her fat, then she'd knock back 10-12 of those babies every evening. WOW, people have awesome ideas.  


I don't think their fries are that great.



Who do you think has better fresh cut fries that Snuffers?  I want to go there, thanks for sharing.



you are could put wooden planks in place of those fries, load all that shite on top, and it still would BE INCREDIBLE.

Look at that pic!

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