Hypnotic Wants You to Dash for Their Doughnuts, Then Wash Them Down with DEBC's New Coffee Ale

Scott Reitz
We hope you've been training for the second annual Hypnotic Donut Dash 5K, particularly the Chubby Bunny doughnut-hole eating contest. And the beer. We're not "hopeful" there, we have faith. We "know." It's the sixth sense we subsist on, actually.

Below are the pertinent details, broken out in doughnut-hole points. You're welcome. (See. Sixth sense.)

• The 5K (just a tad over 3 miles) is inside the Centennial Building at Fair Park, this Saturday, January 25 at 8:30 a.m.

• There are seven, five or three opportunities to eat doughnuts along the route, depending on what you read. Let's just say there are a "hole bunch" of eating opportunities.

• There's also free beer, courtesy of Deep Ellum Brewing Co. and it's their brand new, completely amazing Oak Cliff Coffee Ale!

• Vendors at the afterparty (about 30) include Oak Cliff Coffee Roasters, Torchy's Tacos, Goodfriends and Pecan Lodge. Yes, Pecan Lodge. This just got serious, right?

• The Chubby Bunny Contest starts at 9:30.

• If you're all business about the 5K, there's chip timing and special doughnut awards for the top male and female winners for each age group, broken up in five-year increments.

• The event costs $30 in advance, $35 day of, $20 for kids, $15 if you just want to attend the party but not run. Packet pickup is at Sports Authority at Caruth Plaza or in West Plano on Preston Road.

• Shotgun Friday is providing tunes for the afterparty.

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Let's see.........first was the egg on everything craze, then the food truck craze, then the restaurant incubator craze, and then we "cain't" forget the "new" bbq craze.......dear Jesus, sweet tiny prophet to some, when, will the Crazy Doughnut craze end?

I mean, here I am in one of those deep pondering moments, and I'm listening to the Byrd's seminal 1967 track My Back Pages, a masterpiece written by Dylan, replete with that ringing Rickenbacker, those tight folk harmonies, and it's inherent trippyness-and I look up to a dumb picture of a doughnut with diced chicken and molten provolone.

Do we do anything important anymore in America; or is it all just jokes and bits? 

We've gone from the Greatest Generation to Generation Numb. 


BTW, other than the Beatles, who has brought more innovation to the rock Genre than the Byrd's?

-progenitor of folk rock

-progenitor of country rock

-introduced the Rickenbacker to rock, influencing The Beatles, also influenced    Paisley Pop ( REM, Dream Syndicate, country pop, etc.)

-introduced three and four part harmonies to rock, that influenced The Eagles, etc. 

-progenitor of psychedelic rock

-progenitor of Cow Punk, new country

-once housed the country rock pioneers Chris Hillman, Gram Parsons, Clarence White, etc. 

ScottsMerkin topcommenter

@kergo1spaceship Its been far too long since we have had a Kergo post like this.  Thank you, you've made my Thursday morning


@kergo1spaceship Kergooo! I do prefer the sweet tiny prophet version. Snuggled in bed a hay. Or the texudo shirt version is good to. 

But, Surely. You. Jest. Byrd is not the word. Not like THAT much of a word.

And it's not diced chicken, you big silly. It's pistachio. 



Who hates food?  I know you aren't talking about LDD, or me.....so whom? 



@Twinwillow @kergo1spaceship 

Twinnie, that juts sounds great!  I can see it now, with a side of doughnut holes filled with eggplant and red sauce, and one of those twisty things laced with ham and cheese.  Actually, that 99Market down the road makes an INCREDIBLE sweet pastry, with bacon and cheese!  #trendconvert

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