The Blind Butcher, the Goodfriend Guys' New Spot on Greenville, Opened Last Night

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It feels like word of the Blind Butcher's coming first hit the wires ages ago. Almost a year ago, Matt Tobin and Josh Yingling, the guys behind Goodfriend burgers, and Ryan Chaney announced that they were jumping into the recent spate of development on Lower Greenville. Last night, they finally opened, softly and quietly.

If you weren't watching Facebook, or knew the owners or employees directly, you probably missed the news. The bar opened with a drinks-only service and small, gratis snacks passed around. If you were lucky you happened upon a thin sliver of toasted baguette topped with soft sauerkraut, sweet mustard and a big hunk of house-made bratwurst. Very lucky.

We were there. The space is a looker. It's lapped in wood so dark it looks almost black in the low light. White-stone tile tops the bar and TVs cast a flicker from a few corners. Last night they sucked a few patrons into last night's BCS game. I'd tell you about the massive deck and patio out back but there was something called an arctic vortex outside and everyone was hanging out inside. It was a sea of beards.

According to a bartender, it will be a little bit before the restaurant is fully up and running. You couldn't order from the menu last night, and likely won't through the week. Still, there's an attractive new place on Greenville Avenue to drink from an impressive beer list and selection of cocktails. As evidence check out The Dove, below, which may have something to do with why this post was completed this morning instead of last night.

Mezcal and grapefruit -- I could use another one right now.

Blind Butcher, 1919 Greenville Ave.

Deb Does Dallas

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I personally have trouble deciding what conversation to have so I am excited


Scottindallas is a top commenter...possibly aka a troll?



"... where they tell you what conversations you're allowed to have..." 

?? Please explain.....

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oh great, another over priced, pretentious club where they tell you what conversations you're allowed to have.  DOUCHEBAGS.  When will these hipster frauds be seen for what they are?  Hipster--grunge gone metrosexual

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