In Fort Worth, You'll Soon Be Able to Drink at a Wine Bar While Your Car Gets Serviced

Kent & Co. Wines
The Frank Kent Motor Company is ready to diversify its business model a bit. The almost-century old company out of the Town of the Cow is dabbling in the burgeoning food and wine scene in the trendy Near Southside district. This past fall, the company closed on an 8,000-square-foot property at the corner of West Magnolia Avenue and Adams Street, where they plan to open Kent & Co. Wines in May 2014.

The unique thing here is that they Kent & Co. Wines will not only serve as an "upscale wine bar and specialty retail shop," but will also double as an automotive drop-off service center. Additionally, the space will showcase "a rotating collection of their hottest new and classic cars -- similar to an art installation."

This could be beautiful and this could be disastrous, all at the same time. A few drinks in, your car is being serviced again, you're eyeballing that new Cadi that, at this point, really does look like art. No word on if you can actually sign on a new car there. We can only hope.

Construction begins this month. Plans include a large patio with an outdoor fireplace, along with bar and lounge seating inside. The menu includes wines, cheese and desserts (heftier items, like sandwiches, might be added later on). Bottled wine will also be available for purchase in the retail area.

Every 3,000 miles might not be so bad afterall.

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you can trust your car to the man who tends the bar.

mavdog topcommenter

what could be wrong with drinking some wine, having your car repaired, and driving the repaired car home?


Just wine....that sucks!  What I need up here is a Honda place that serves liquor, or a Dodge dealership that serves dat bear, and street taco's! Sipping wine is only for consumption with a big OLE honkin' plate of spaghetti w/red sauce.......NOT while yer Cadi gets it's oil changed. 

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