Is the Mexican Martini Really Texas' Signature Cocktail?

Last week Buzzfeed unilaterally matched cocktails with US states, giving just a vague description of its research -- "a combination of state of origin, popularity, and exclusivity." Some of them made sense, earning their names from the state's university, an infamous citizen or a major city. The Sazerac went to Louisiana, for instance, since state lawmakers declared it the official drink of New Orleans in 2008. (They didn't have anything better to do?)

Some of the choices, though, seem downright daffy, including, I think, the selection of the Mexican Martini as the signature cocktail of Texas. When was the last time you saw anyone drinking a Mexican Martini?

Here are three alternatives.

Frozen Margarita
We invented the frozen margarita right here in Dallas, and after spending countless hours conducting unscientific research on local patios, my findings suggest that this is the most popular drink in Texas. Drink the original at Mariano's, stop into your local Gloria's, or use our handy neighborhood guide.

Texas Tea
I'm not talking about the re-appropriated Long Island Ice Tea, but a good old-fashioned sweet tea made with real sugar and mixed with vodka. Delicious variations on this Lone Star drink can be found at CBD Provisions and 303 Grill.

Flaming Dr Pepper
Just about any drink that contains Dr Pepper, the state's signature soda, would be a better choice for the signature Texas cocktail. And what's more Texan than a drink that's quick, dirty and on fire?

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You can get them at Ozona and Taco Diner.

Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

The Mexican Martini needs to say where it Austin.

And that not how you make Texas Tea....that's a Sweet Tea Vodka.

everlastingphelps topcommenter

I didn't even know what the hell a Mexican Martini is.  It looks like it's just a margarita ruined with olives and sprite.

Frozen rita would have been a much better choice.

primi_timpano topcommenter

Phelps. We are in rare agreement. Never heard of a Mexican Martini until I read this.

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