Dallas' 6 Best Spots For Late-Night Eats

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And they mean it!
It may be hard to believe if you spend too much time in Dallas, but there are actually cities in this world that never go to sleep. Individual people may get a few winks here and there, but at any given hour the streets are breathing. You can get egg rolls at 4 a.m. as easily as you can get a steak at dinner time, and not to turn the screws too much further you can have it all delivered, too.

Not so in Dallas, the city that sleeps and then some. Try to get a bite to eat after a show downtown and you can find yourself relegated to hot dogs and Twinkies. It's only recently that a few restaurants began to lure us away from our local corner store, and not just with steam table tacos, but with real food. Here are six spots that will sate your late-night hunger with food that tastes good at any hour of the day.

Velvet Taco (pictured above)
Say what you want about those gringo tacos, Velvet Taco is the undisputed king of late-night dining in Dallas. Drive by on a Saturday as the bars let out at 2:30 a.m., and the lines for those hand-made tortillas are immense. Don't let them deter you. You could cool out and come back after the crowds die down. This taqueria stays open till 4 a.m.

Chicken Milanese at Gemma
Gemma's a newcomer but it's definitely no slouch, staying open till 1 a.m. Wednesday-Sunday with a shortened version of its regular dinner menu. Those in the know order the industry special sight unseen. It could be a beautiful chicken Milanese topped with arugula, or maybe a steak au poivre. Don't let the "industry" description on the menu deter you, anyone's welcome to order the special. Just tell 'em you bus tables at Jake's down the street.

El Come Taco
El Come Taco is another newcomer. That's why we're making this list, everything is changing. This taqueria is the answer for those who don't want gringo tacos at Velvet Taco, and know that Fuel City is disgusting. El Come is open till 2 a.m. And as a bonus they serve some of the best tacos in the city.

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Paisanos on Lombardy and Harry Hines is the undisputed king of Mexican tacos.


Nothing better than rolling into the Racetrack on Spring Creek and 75 after 17 Bud lights.......it looks like a gang of donkeys went dancing when I'm done. 


One of the few things Phelps and I agree on. Fuel City picadillo tacos are delicious.


@everlastingphelps  "This taqueria is the answer for those who don't want gringo tacos at Velvet Taco, and know that Fuel City is disgusting."



you are joking right?  that's like saying that Pancho's is a great place to have a meal........I call BIT on this comment; either that or you had your taste buds ripped out by a lowland gorilla!? 

Fuel City is ONLY for the weary traveler from out of state that wants to take a picture with the only cattle remaining in Dallas County. 

ps-You are better off stopping at 7-11 and eating that cardboard tasting pizza than eating FC taco's. 

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