CrushCraft Thai, the Fast Casual Restaurant That Was to Open Today, Is Not

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Just last Tuesday, the folks behind CrushCraft Thai announced their anticipated restaurant would be opening in about an hour from now for lunch service. But if you're the type of person who loves to bound into restaurants on opening day and had been anticipating The Quadrangle Thai newcomer, you should consider hitting nearby Potbelly, instead.

CrushCraft will not open today, according to a statement released by the owners this morning, because of some problems with their sales system. This weekend's mock service illuminated some weaknesses in the system used to ring up sales and track orders, which couldn't handle the restaurant's fast-casual format.

Similar technology issues were blamed for the grand opening meltdown at Zoli's last year.

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CrushCraft should be open in about two weeks, provided a replacement system is installed and the staff is retrained in time. Then you can all get back to ordering that sweet-looking phat Thai you were teased with last week.

CrushCraft's soon to be phat Thai

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CrushCraft Thai Street Eats

2800 Routh Street, Dallas, TX

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I'm really amazed by this, no soft open, they were open on Saturday but with signs that said "Friends and Family Only, come back Monday!". Really? A brand new restaurant that is open and turning a handful of customers away that didn't even know they didn't have a functional POS system? Two weeks to fix it?

I get it, there are kinks, that is why new restaurants have soft opens. So instead of delaying the official opening they are just going to postpone figuring the problems out? 

Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

You don't start testing your POS for glitches the weekend before you open.


Colonel Angus, you sure know how to tickle a woman's fancy!

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