Arcodoro & Pomodoro in Uptown Closes Permanently

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Arcodoro & Pomodoro
No More Pasta on the Patio

After years of serving serving pastas and steaks to happy customers, Uptown's Arcodoro & Pomodoro closes its doors. In 2009, the Sardinian-Italian restaurant moved from its Routh Street location to the doomed corner spot in Crescent Court. Crave DFW broke the news this morning that after a long run, A&P shuttered its doors this week.

Crescent Court's receptionist said that it was a sudden and permanent closure. The more pressing question is whether or not Dallas has lost Arcodoro & Pomodoro for good. And of course what restauranteur is brave enough to take over that space?

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It seems like Dallas can support no more than 1-2 fine dining Italian restaurants at a time.  Right now, Lucia and Nonna/Carbone's are the hot spots for "real" Italian; so Arcodoro & Pomodoro was the odd restaurant out (moving to the Crescent Court didn't help).

When is Dallas going to get Italian restaurants that focus on sub-regions of Italy (e.g., 1. Piedmont, 2. Emilia-Romagna, 3. Tuscany, and 4. Southern Italy & Sicily)?  We still have Sardinia represented with Zio Ceccio but it seems like there should be room in the Dallas palate for more regionally focused Italian cuisine.


I think it's something the average Dallas palate needs education on. Most of us grow up eating Olive Garden, etc so we don't know any better.

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