Gemma, a New Late-Night Restaurant on Henderson, Will Open the Day after Christmas

Courtesy of Kevin Marple
Brick chicken
The Dallas late-night eating scene is about to get a little bigger. Formerly of Napa Valley, husband-and-wife team Allison Yoder and Stephen Rogers (who, preliminary research reveals, is not
Captain America) have announced that they will open their new restaurant, Gemma, at 2323 Henderson Avenue, the day after Christmas.

Gemma, which means "flower bud" in Latin and "precious" in Italian, will be open until 1 a.m. and offer separate dinner and late-night menus. The late-night menu hasn't been released yet but the dinner menu features dishes with Asian, Italian, Mediterranean and French influences. So littleneck clams in coconut lemongrass broth appear next to veal cheeks with whole grain mustard and frisée.

Rogers will run the kitchen while Yoder takes the front of house, the same arrangement they used when they worked together at PRESS in California. In a press release Rogers says he tried to create dishes that are "simple, uncomplicated, rustic but refined" Yoder put together the wine list, which she calls "an international list with friendly markups. It's a very balanced list with old world and new world." Both cocktail and food menus are based on local, seasonal ingredients, and 20 bottled beers will also be available.

UPDATE: We erroneously listed lunch hours earlier, but Gemma will not be open for lunch at all.

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Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

"open for lunch Wednesday through Thursday."

Nothing like midweek lunches.

I give it a year at most.


@Sharon_Moreanus I'm afraid I must agree. The menu prices alone say, "no hipsters wanted". Gemma looks like an excellent restaurant in the wrong neighborhood. I think the Park Cities/Highland Park area would have been a better demographic.

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