Tei-An's Teiichi Sakurai Will Open a Tiny Ramen Shop in Silvan Thirty, Is Awesome

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Alison V. Smith
Teiichi FTW.
Dallas was long-protected from the ramen craze until Tanoshii Ramen Bar set up shop in Deep Ellum. Now a second is already on the way.

Carol Shih at Sidedish reported that Teiichi Sakurai, the owner of Tei-An, planned to open a fish market at Sylvan|Thirty, but apparently he's pivoted. Instead he's chosen to open his own ramen shop with a heavy emphasis on ramen as street food.

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Sakurai is taking a different track than the one Tanoshii is on. The space is tiny, only 750 square feet, and seats only 13 customers, who will be grouped around a toppings bar. So far the menu only has three ramen varieties, tonkotsu-shio, shoyu, and miso, and two side dishes, chashu and gyoza. The goal is to replicate an old-school Japanese noodle house that produces quick and easy street food. Quick, easy and cheap, actually, since Sakurai doesn't plan to have any bowl cost more than $10.

By way of explaining the limited seating, Sakurai told Sidedish: "I try to do culture more than business. If I like to make business, [the shop would] probably be four times bigger than this and lots of waitress running in general. But it's my passion introducing a culture, not a business."

Which may be one of the coolest things a business owner has ever said.

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"Dallas was long-protected from the ramen craze".....well thank the sweet lord for that. Is this Jackie Floyd of the DMN?  Can't we get a good ole story about Matt Mcalister, a food truck or Eddie Campbell's traveling bartender show (replete with douche fedora and a video of said star barkeep as he roams the city).  This story rates just above the English BBQ series and Eric N's expose' on cars in a high school parking lot. 



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Not hipster, not hippie, but Fedora
I usually come to town with a battered old nose of brown
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Fedora is the douche I love

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