Our 10 Favorite Dallas Food Photos of 2013

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Photos by Catherine Downes
It's been a food-heavy year for Dallas, what with all the restaurant openings and closings, chef changes, foodie events and more. As the photographer assigned to shooting most of the plates we photograph, I was asked to pick out some of my favorite food shots from the year. Here are my 10 favorites, and you can check out the entire 2013 food slideshow here. The above photo is of the super decadent brownie sundae at Village Kitchen.

This photo is of Oak's dark chocolate ganache with hazelnut, blackberry, and cara cara orange. It's one of my personal favorites from September's "The Chocolate Dishes of Dallas" slideshow.




This photo is from a spread I shot to accompany Scott Reitz's Farmers Market feature story. You can view the full slideshow here.


This is the quinoa burger at HG Sply Co.

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J_A_ topcommenter

That steak... Let me wipe the drool off my chin. Meat meat glorious meat!

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