Peticolas Brewing Company Will Unveil its 10th Beer at its Two-Year Anniversary This Month

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Stanton Stephens
Peticolas Brewing Company has covered a lot of ground in the two years it's been brewing beer in the Design District. Owner Michael Peticolas and his team have released nine beers, won numerous awards (including Best Brewery here at the Observer) and gotten Dallasites completely wasted all along the way.

Accomplishments like these need to be marked, and there's no better way for a brewery to celebrate its accolades than with even more beer. The 10th beer in the Peticolas lineup will be tapped for the first time on December 28 at a special event at the brewery. In fact, the whole family of beers will be available for sipping there.

Beers like the Velvet Hammer, which snuck up on this food critic at Strangeways last year. And The Duke, which had Dallasites chasing keg-tapping events around town earlier this summer. Last winter I lovingly compared downing a Wintervention winter ale to drinking a doughnut, and you'll be able to have a glass for yourself alongside the rest of Peticolas' beers at the event.

Peticolas hasn't divulged the identity of the 10th beer, yet. After a dance of two with the Velvet Hammer, I'm pulling for a nice, mild session beer.

Peticolas Two-Year Anniversary, 2026 Farrington Street, 2 p.m-5 p.m., December 28

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Get some Wintervention while you can (check Craft and Growler and Whole Foods). This is a serious good winter/Chrstmas beer and made right here in our town.


In a post about this brewery earlier this year I recommended that a giant bronze statue of Michael Peticolas be erected at the top of the tallest building in Dallas in honor of this man's indelible contributions to the city of Dallas.  An anamatronic statue.  With lazer eyes.  Has this been funded yet?


@sdallnct I followed your advice and went to Goodfriend last night.  Great stuff.

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