A First Look of Grub Burger Bar, the New Budding Burger Chain on Greenville

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Welcome to your next burger bar.
With so many burger bars, it's hard to come up with something that really differentiates a new joint from all the others. House-ground meat is an angle many places are taking these days. Some burger restaurants offer house-baked buns to raise the bar higher. Awesome personal service is a big talking point, too, but after those you've pretty much got to offer a laser show or a french-fry cannon with gravy hydraulics if you want to stand out.

Don't get too excited. Despite the sleek exterior, Grub Burger Bar will not provide you with raining shards of colored paper, or piercing, colored beams of light. No fry gun, sadly. The rest of the stuff, though, that's what Grub is all about.

It's hard to call Grub a chain because there are only three locations, but you can sense the owners have aspirations of opening more than three more. The latest, tucked into the streetside corner of an office building on Greenville Avenue, opened the day after Thanksgiving. Floor-to-ceiling glass windows wrap around one half of the dining room and the walls are sporadically covered with cedar two-by-fours, just like the sign out in front of the restaurant. There's a sizable square bar of blond maple with plenty of stools and a massive communal table.

You know there are burgers on the menu, so we'll gloss over the numerous combinations like chili with french fries and onions, or absinthe-sautéed mushrooms and Swiss, and get to the most important stuff. All of the meat (beef, turkey, chicken) is ground in-house every day, and the bread is baked every hour, according the menu. The massive, pillowy buns have a glossy, golden skin and while they're not artisan loaves by any means, they're soft, pliable and fresh.

Don't forget milkshakes (soft serve and milk) in regular versions and boozy upgrades, onion rings that are thin and extra crunchy, and because nobody comes to a burger bar to eat healthy, cheese fries with jalapeños and bacon. OK, maybe some of you were forced to come, so there's a salad or four on the menu, too. But people are sure to look at you funny if you order one.



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If they are trying to create a chain, Greenville Ave is not the place to open up a business. I own a large portion of real estate in the area and have seen so many dreams die on Greenville Ave. People lose their entire life savings and lose their homes thinking they can be the anomaly that succeeds on Greenville Ave. Unfortunately, these entrepreneurs fail miserably every year on Greenville Ave leaving them on the streets.

I'm just a resident of the area that has seen this happen for many years.

Good Day,

John Roberts


At first glance, I thought that said horse ground meat 


The burgers at Beck's Prime are terrific, mesquite flavor, sesame buns, Beck's will cook to order.  The fries are fresh cut with skins left on, with sea salt.  Also, good burgers cooked over hickory wood at Rathbuns Blue Plate Kitchen.


I love the burgers from Beck's Prime.


Massive, pillowy buns is not a good visual, as it leads me to ask if they are served with a side of fromunda cheese.  And in the hamburger world, they detract from what is important---that is, the burger


Scott,  I really like your comments on the Dallas food scene but, here it comes, please resist using words like, "artisan," in describing things. It's just irksome. You are not alone. I suspect that language is propelled by most likely the equally irksome menus everywhere. It sort of reminds me when some one strings a bunch of jargon together (I hate the phrase, "word salad," BTW) to make it sound like they know what they are talking about. I offer no solutions because it is your job to be seduced by food.

In any event, here is a few of the most irksome descriptions that won't go away:

1.  artisan

2.  artisanal (my holy mother of God, no)

3.  craft

4.  farm--no shit sherlock

5.  farm-to-table (1000+ year old process)

6.  veggie

There are so many more, please help.

Scott these are the new, "cooked to perfection," of our age. What do we do?


@dominicide1 I'll tell you what you do. You crack open a thesaurus.  Do you know what I find to be tiresome, vexing, burdensome, and annoying? Over use of the word irksome.  Also, don't forget to try the artisanal jalapeño sausage at Mac's BBQ on Main St.  It's cooked to perfection. Gabe48 out! 



My name is with lower case, it is gabe48, it is never Gabe48, that's how you can tell the difference.

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