Two Dallas Restaurants Are Among OpenTable Users' Favorites, But ...

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OpenTable just released a list of the best restaurants in the United States for 2013, as voted by their users. As CultureMap points out, two Dallas restaurants made the list, representing half of all the entries from Texas: the French Room in the Adolphus Hotel and the Capital Grille in Uptown.

While both are super-fancy, they're also fairly safe. A French restaurant and a chain steakhouse aren't quite as zany as Kitchen LTO or the tripe-tastic CBD Provisions (which is this week's review). OpenTable seems to skew toward traditionally high-end joints.

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The only other Texas restaurants on the list are Chez Nous French Restaurant in Humble and Rudy & Paco Restaurant & Bar in Galveston, which is noteworthy because Houston has eclipsed Dallas on most other national lists. Bon Apétit puts Pass & Provisions in Houston at number six on their top ten list, while GQ dedicated two of its top 12, must-eat-here slots to Houston restaurants Uchi and Oxheart.

What does this say about the Dallas palate? Maybe nothing more than the fact that sirloin topped with lobster tails is a good staple for a ritzy crowd, or that Dallasites haven't yet hit Gastronaut-levels of adventurous eating. The bigger question: is Dallas satisfied letting Houston, of all places, steal the spotlight?

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Maybe Dallas isn't as impressed with avant-garde attempts to make passable food without offbeat components you wouldn't eat otherwise. There's a lot to be said about dependable, high-quality menus and service. When those other guys have been around as long and as successfully as the French Room I might buy in. Capital Grille just does it all a bit better without caving to the latest trend. What's wrong with that? Just because you've made tree bark with green algae reduction edible doesn't make you a great restaurant.

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