The New Mattito's Is Open on Oak Lawn Avenue, and It's Got a Key Ingredient: Fun

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Mattito's is more colorful than a box of Crayola crayons.
Back in November we let you know that Mattito's, the Tex-Mex restaurant on Routh Street in Uptown, was on the move. Hopefully you've quit driving around in circles wondering where they went. The new location opened at the beginning of December, and if business earlier this week was any indication, fans of the restaurant are already comfortable with the new address at the Centrum Building.

While the Cowboys were busy doing what the Cowboys do best, the dining room and bar area was packed with customers, many of them clinging to tall, narrow margarita glasses filled with a concoction called the Rumba Rita. The frozen drink was stained an odd shade of blue, so I'm sorry I was unable to try if for you -- I enacted a strict ban on consuming all blue drinks when I was in college -- but it looked like other customers were enjoying them just fine. The menu says the drinks are so over-the-top strong the restaurant will only serve you two.

Sounds like college to me.

In addition to the cavernous dining room, Mattito's has a number of private rooms available for reservations.
In addition to the main dining room, there are private rooms for entertaining tucked into random corners downstairs, and there are even larger rooms for events upstairs. One of them is pretty big. You could even have your wedding reception there if you wanted, provided your fiancé is keen on queso.

Factor in the free garage parking provided by the Centrum Building, and I'd say you're going to view this new location as a big win if you're a Mattito's fan. And if you're not, just have another Rumba Rita. You'll get there sooner or later.

Mattito's, 3102 Oak Lawn Avenue, 214-526-8181,

The bar at Mattito's filled with soon to be disappointed Cowboys fans.

Nachos with ground beef

Beef and chicken fajitas

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Mattito's Cafe Mexicano

3102 Oak Lawn Ave, Dallas, TX

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Mattito's is right up there with the best in this sort of cuisine, along with Javier's and Herrera's. Good sh*t. 


The Nachos with ground beef Looks run over diapers in a Mercado parking lot .

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