Bonchon, a New Korean Fried Chicken Sports Bar, Is Close to Opening on Greenville

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Just up Greenville Avenue from Lovers Lane, nestled between a Sweet Tomato and a Potbelly Sandwich Works, Bonchon's sharp new facade is marked by a large Now Hiring banner. The restaurant is expected to open later this month.

News of the coming chicken chain broke back in May, filling Dallasites who know the Bonchon brand (yes, my hand is raised) with chili-laced anticipation. There would spicy, sticky-sweet chicken, and tart daikon radish cubes. There would be large glasses of cold beer and ... the Dallas Cowboys on the television?

The management is branding this location as a sports bar. In addition to listing picks for last week's games (great job on the Cowboys, not so great with the Steelers), recent social media posts point to the restaurant's massive horseshoe bar and 11 televisions for sports watching.

If you're new to Bonchon, or to Korean Fried chicken in general, take a look at this Times article, which covers a number of restaurants that serve the stuff. Bonchon is featured, too.

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Excellent soy garlic strips.  Sadly, fries are frozen, not fresh cut.


We need one of these in the Plano/Fairview/Frisco Metropolitan area!  Why do you yuppies and hipsters get all the cool shite? 



Right?  The "Chill" could use O' man I love that place!

ChrisYu topcommenter

@kergo1spaceship market studies show soccer moms will not support a place like this. don't discourage, you'll be getting another Dickey's.

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