Mattito's Is Coming to Oak Lawn, but Can It Survive the Centrum Curse?

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If you've driven up Oak Lawn Avenue recently, you know that a new Mattito's is headed to the neighborhood. A banner has been hanging over the front of the Centrum building for a while now, promising the restaurant would be coming soon.

But now the Eats Blog over on the DMN confirms the news: The restaurant's famous Bob Armstrong dip should be available at this new location December 1.

Pay attention now, or your future fajita plans could be ruined. If you've gotten used to pounding the beef and chicken combo at the Routh Street location, it will soon be time to move on. The new spot is actually a relocation of the Uptown location, which will permanently close November 24. Know that the Oak Lawn address promises a lot more real estate to make up for the inconvenience: The new patio is five times the size of the old one.

Can Mattito's turn around the Centrum? The building hasn't drawn big crowds since the long-gone Silver Fox Steakhouse days. Manuel's Creative Cuisine came and went in an adjacent spot. Maybe a little Tex-Mex is what the area needs?

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It might do ok. That corner is just doomed due to it's ugly office like appearance and most people who are walking have to risk their life to reach it by playing frogger across that intersection.

mavdog topcommenter

you are confusing mattito's with matt's rancho martinez, which is home to the bob armstrong dip.

mattito's is nowhere close to the level of food found at matt's.

Sharon_Moreanus topcommenter

Silver Fox never drew big crowds.

They should of just bottle their pickels since they better than their average steaks.


@mavdog dude, the Bob Armstrong dip IS served @ Mattitos, we go there all the time, It isn't on their menu, but just ask for it and you wont regret it....its, BOMB!!!!

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