Mario Batali Deep Fried by Fans after Supporting a Texas Pro-Choice Group

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Via Lance Cheung
Last week Sarah Silverman and Lizz Winstead hosted a telethon called "Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can Choose," a fund raiser for a variety of Lady Parts Justice, a Texas-based pro-choice organization that promoted the event under the Twitter handle @TXWomenForever. During the telethon chef Mario Batali encouraged people to donate on Twitter:

Hello Americans i am happy to match your donations for the next 30 minutes up to 5 grand in support of @TXWomenForever C'mon !!!!!

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Because Twitter is the worst place ever, fellow Internet users began tweeting personal insults at Batali. He engaged with them but kept a surprisingly cheerful tone the entire time, even encouraging people who disagreed with him to boycott his restaurants.

"You seem successful and delightful! RT. @USSANews: Pro choice? Then choose to eat a carrot once in a while you fat fuck. Just sayin..."
"Thx for the tip, I imagine you could give me even more life advice RT. @Pambeaux:@TXWomenForever Stay in the kitchen and out of politics."
"Yes working on Philippines aid too!

RT. @JeanTerranova: the Philippines could use your help. Bet you have cooks from the area."

"Reminded!! A boycott is a very good way to speak your mind!!!

Ahh freedom!!

RT. @BondSora:Remind me never to eat at his place..."

Batali actually owns eleven restaurants, and though he's been involved in an unfortunate tip-skimming scandal that cost him over $5 million, he's also started an organization to fight childhood hunger.

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People are such assholes.


I don't care about his politics, but his restaurants suck big time.


Do you know how boring it is to JUST COOK? Get out of the kitchen and do something. Go Mario. Go Mario.


I think he did a good thing... and the presumption that those who verbally attacked him is probably wrong.

Anti-Choicers are always ready to attack anyone who stands by the opinions... and attack, while claiming to be "Doing it for God".


He is a great chef. I don't care about his stance on abortion as long as he keeps making great food. I don't like his taste in footwear (i.e. orange Crocs) but I manage to move on and just enjoy the food he makes.


@Guyndallas Have you ever eaten at any of his restaurants ?  Have you ever cooked from any of his recipes?

I have.  I wouldn't use "great" to describe any of the 2....but his Eataly food mart on Madison is pure marketing genius.  That is his forte !

IMO, when it comes to politics and social policy Batali should STFU and get back into the kitchen.

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