Guy Fieri's Courtroom Drawing Is Simple, Hilarious and Accurate

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NBC Bay Area
Back in 2011 a teenager allegedly stole celebrity chef and human au jus-blasted pizza roll Guy Fieri's yellow Lamborghini from a California dealership. Then the teen allegedly tried to shoot his ex-girlfriend.

Fast forward to this week and the teen in question, Mark Wade, is on trial. Fieri took the stand to testify that, no, he did not know Wade and no, he did not give him permission to take the $200,000 car. Thanks to NBC Bay Area we have the greatest courtroom drawing ever.

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So many questions. Why do the judge and attorney in the picture look so enraged? Did Fieri pick a yellow Lamborghini to match his frosted tips? Will Food Network use this drawing to develop a pilot for a Saturday morning cartoon where an animated Fieri wanders around eating fried food and making an O-face?

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Winner winner Lamborghini dinner.

ChrisYu topcommenter

this piece, though realistic in conception, shows some elements of theatricality and artificiality.


Guy looks like a pedo


Like Darby, you are one of my favorites.  You know how to turn a phrase just right.  I laughed so hard that water came out of my nose when I read the phrase "human au jus-blasted pizza roll".  I should know better than to drink liquids when I'm reading your posts.  

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