Twisted Root Arlington Is Now Serving Camel Burgers on Hump Day

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Twisted Root keeps twisting up things with their menu. A few years ago they introduced a beaver burger; they do bison, bunny, elk and other things. Plus the exotic black bean. But recently they've pushed the envelope a tad further with a camel burger, sold at their Arlington location only on ... ugh. I can't write it again.

Recently The Guardian reported on the increasing popularity of camel in Europe. Chef Anissa Helou told paper that in the Middle East, the meat is a delicacy, and not something that is eaten everyday (you can throw in your 97th hump day joke here. I'm trying to abstain). Evidently the hump is the preferred fattier cut and is often compared to veal or lamb. Young animals are preferred to the older animals.

Twisted Root gets all its exotic game Comanche Buffalo in Lawton, Oklahoma. They said they sold out of all the camel meat the first day they had it on the menu and have more ordered.

And we're not trying to raise the bar here, Twisted Root, but just throwing this out there: you guys are proud of your milkshakes too. Well, according to The Guardian article, camel milk is really healthy. The UN's Food and Health Organisation suggests it could be a $10 billion business soon.

So when will we get to wash down that hump day burger with a proper hump day milk shake? We double-hump dare you.

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Twisted Root Burger Co.

300 E. Abram St., Arlington, TX

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The only thing worth eating at Twisted Root is the pickles


Camel burgers can't be any worse than their other offerings.  Average at best.


I don't see any comments on this board about new offerings from Chilis or TGI Fridays.  Twisted Root is right down there with those, OMHO.  Their quality has deteriorated so much since their inception that they are not worth bothering with as a customer or a writer.


Are you seriously comparing Twisted Root to Chili's or Fridays?

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