Texas Is Getting Shake Shack

Beyond My Ken
Pray facing this five times daily and maybe one will appear in Dallas.

Maybe Rick Perry's "come check out Texas" campaign is really paying off. According to Austin360.com, Union Square Hospitality Group has announced their first ever restaurant opening in Austin in late 2014. Which means Texas is getting its very first Shake Shack.

Shake Shack is famous not just for its legendary burgers, hot dogs and custard shakes ("concretes") but also for being famous. The strongest evidence of its quality is its huge popularity, its infamously long lines and competitive seating. The Madison Square Garden location even helps with trip planning by offering a Shack Cam, which is hypnotic in a voyeuristic and nature documentary sort of way.

USTG has Shake Shack locations scattered across the country, including in Washington, D.C., Florida and Pennsylvania, plus a Las Vegas joint also opening in late 2014. The Austin location will share space with the renovated South Lamar Alamo Drafthouse, and folks around Dallas are already speculating/praying to the gods of burgers that we'll soon house Texas's second Shake Shack.

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mavdog topcommenter

don't we already have too many over-hyped burger joints in DFW? do we need another? nah.

IMHO we have several burger joints that are better than shake shack. much better. Austin does, too.

everlastingphelps topcommenter

 Had Shake Shack, Theater District.  Not impressed.  It's good for NYC, but I'll take OSK any day over them.


Re: The "Shack Cam". That's what Pecan Lodge really needs.


I don't know man. Ive only eaten at this place semi-out of necessity as it was the only decent thing open across from the museum of natural history. It's good, I like it, but there's nothing special about it.


Finally, a place that sells hamburgers, fries, and shakes. This exotic combo will be a welcome and refreshing addition to the Dallas foodscape.


@EdD. Yeah, Texans have been waiting for years to  enjoy this unique cuisine.

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