Shake'n Bacon Brew Threatens All Human Decency at Texas Motor Speedway

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It seems as if Levy Restaurants executive chef Joel Pena has a bit of a bacon problem. Or maybe he just has a thing for incredibly strange food. Earlier this spring, he put together concoctions that made use of cotton candy, bacon and vodka, and tossed rabbit and antelope meat into a blender to create a Jackalope sausage.

Pena's latest concoction pushes the bacon boundaries even further. The Shake'n Bacon Brew is a milkshake made with Blue Bell ice cream and Rahr & Sons Ugly Pug Black Lager, sweetened with bacon-infused maple syrup and, because the only thing better than bacon is more bacon, it's finished with candied bacon, too.

There's a video that captures the recipe, along with a leaking blender and a close action shot of the thin, runny but lumpy concoction being poured into an official Shake'n Bacon Brew glass.

Bottoms up, race fans.

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J_A_ topcommenter

Let's kill the bacon fad. It's gone pork belly up.


Killing two fat birds with one stone; well done.

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